Review: Uncharted - The Fourth Labyrinth - Christopher Golden



There is no point in having a good story if the character is not rich. And this is what happens to Uncharted - the Fourth Maze. Nate is a lively character, full of content and that makes the reader identify with him.

Unlike what currently happens in cinemas, with characters so weak and without content, games bring a new concept of fun. Because you play with him. But that is not enough. A structure is needed, something more that makes the player believe what he is seeing on the screen.

And transporting Nate Drake to the books was a great move.

The book is an adventure back in history. We have a Nate who, different from the stories of the game where he starts in search of some treasure, now he is around the mystery that involves the death of one of his mentor's best friends, Sully. And it will not only help you, but also protect your friend's goddaughter, Jada.

The book has great doses of historical conspiracies and brings up three great civilizations and putting them in the same historical moment. Greece, Egypt and China. And what do they have in common? The ancient puzzle of the Labyrinth.

Christopher Golden he's a great storyteller. Fill our imagination with the past, with great doses of adventure as expected from the franchise Uncharted. And the best of all? You don't have to have played anything or know about the game!

And this is the great asset of Uncharted - the Fourth Maze. Just being able to buy the book and read a great adventure.

Don't compare it to Indiana Jones, Allan Quatermain or any other adventurer in search of historical treasures. Nate is none of them. The breeders may have drank from Indiana Jones, but that's about it.

Nate has his own charisma and characteristic humor. He's sarcastic and serious when he needs to be. The one that anyone would like to have on an adventure because they know they can trust him. In times of characters that no one trusts, where being the anti hero is the big thing, Nate is neither. He is just him and is there for what needs to be done: live great adventures!

Gold may be the goal, but what keeps it alive is undoubtedly the mystery that surrounds any of us. What? Read the book and find out!


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