Book Review: Only Daughter- Anna Snoekstra



After 11 years the disappearance of Bec it finally seems to be resolved when the girl comes home. At least that's what everyone thinks, but in reality it is not her who is back, but an identical person who decides to assume her identity because she needs shelter.

This is the premise of Single child, suspense Anna Snoesktra. It seems flashy at first, but as we read, we discovered that there is much more to this narrative than just this exchange, there is much to be solved in this complicated plot.

To begin with, there is no information about the person who pretends to be Bec, making the writing very different, since it is narrated in first person by her. In parallel, the author exchanges the narrative for the past, where she gradually explains what happened to the real Bec. This lack of initial information is exactly what holds the reader's attention in the book, piquing curiosity not only to know how the impostor will manage to deal with this scam, but also to find out why she cannot return home, in addition to finding out how Bec disappeared.

"It's exciting to be someone other than you, but it's also exhausting."

Snoekstra showed great talent for suspense, managing to keep the exact amount of information to be revealed at the right time. The author manipulates several issues at the same time without leaving anything to be desired in any of them, delivering a very satisfactory outcome and without leaving loose ends, with the right even to some twists and turns.

Single child impresses with its complexity. At first, proving to be just an interesting plot of exchange of identities, the work surprises because it deals with much more than that, with several mysteries being solved simultaneously and delivering an unexpected ending. It is a book that promises to please fans of suspense and police - for being a good old story without fear of daring and surprising - and those who are not very familiar with this theme, just for the talent of the Australian author.


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