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Review: DC Universe- Rebirth



In the middle of last year, the American comics from A.D have been shaken by huge changes. Now the comic book that starts the new events of the DC Universe arrives in Brazil.

DC Universe - Renaissance basically fixes what was done in the New 52, which failed to completely please the audience, and starting a new direction for the heroes, apparently very promising. Divided into four chapters and an epilogue, the plot is focused on wally west, ex kid flash who took on Barry's mantle for nearly 20 years.

Wally in Universe DC- Renaissance | Image: Panini

Written by Geoff Johns history is right not to invest again in a reboot of the Universe, but in a new creation through a fracture in space-time, which opens new doors to explore the resurgence of characters and the intertwining long considered lost.

It is interesting to remember that, according to the author himself, it is advisable to read The Darkseid War and Superman's Final Days, because the events close the events of the New 52 and make possible many things that appear in Rebirth.

Wally is the key to this plot, he works as a link, moving by the acceleration force in search of recognition from one of the characters. 10 years have been stolen from everyone's life and West is the only one who can alert them, but he will be completely forgotten in his current timeline if not remembered quickly by someone and this quest not only fits all the heroes into this new plot but provides an exciting moment that will reach readers' hearts.

It's a simple script, but very accurate. In a very subtle way, DC shows that it knows how to handle a makeover without abandoning what has already been built. Geoff Johns proves necessary for this new phase, his passion for the characters is the main factor to be able to recover the concepts and moments that so consecrated the publisher.

Universe DC-Renaissance | Image: Panini

Exactly for the simplicity, DC Universe - Renaissance it avoids holes in the script and lack of complexity is the key to success. With a very promising new path, which extends to the heroes' solo adventures, Rebirth it's not only wonderful for fans, but also a great start for anyone thinking about starting to follow DC comics.



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