Review: Avengers- The Wrath of Ultron



Avengers: Wrath of Ultron came out in the US close to the movie's release Avengers Age of Ultron, by the seal Marvel OGN. Now, the Panini launches the hardcover edition in Brazil.

First, let's explain that even though it has a very similar name to the feature and is released almost together, the HQ actually has no connection with the adaptation's plot. In Ultron's Wrath, the android has already been “defeated” and thrown into space. This graphic novel is directly related to secret avengers, fabulous avengers and X-Force, however, you do not necessarily need to read these series to understand Ultron's Wrath.

In Avengers: Wrath of Ultron, Ultron returns to Earth with a desire for revenge, that is, with great wrath. Your feedback is fast and explained in the first few pages. Two formations of the Avengers fight the robotic threat, formations that are properly explained before the beginning of the story to introduce or remind readers of the characters. The version that actually participates in the final fight against the android is the current one, with Sam Wilson how captain America and the Thor.

Who is not aware of the constant changes of the Universe Marvel, it can take a little while to place yourself in this comic, seeing Thor in a female version or Sam Wilson taking on the role that used to be Steve Rogers may seem strange at first, but nothing that a glance at the first few pages can't solve.

The roadmap for Rick Remender is sensational, the way Rick makes a little trip through the history of the Avengers in an isolated adventure, without losing the rhythm in any moment is impressive. Ultron's Wrath is told in a fast-paced, fluid way full of exciting fights, without missing a chance to make some references that would make Steve Rogers proud. Alongside Remender, the art of Jerome Open completes the quality of this HQ. Opena's work is amazing, the pages are true works of art.

With a well-written plot and eye-popping art, Avengers: Wrath of Ultron It's definitely worth your time and investment. Even small, it has a story worthy of a great saga, representing the Avengers the way they deserve. Avengers: Wrath of Ultron need to join your collection.


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