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With an original plot and an ending that addresses interesting issues, Zoo is a great work.

Resenha | Zoo- James Patterson


Have you ever wondered if all animals rebelled against humans? James Patterson already, and wrote about it in Zoo.

Zoo shows us a scenario where animals are slowly starting to get out of their normal behavior and attacking humans. Jackson Oz he is the only one to notice this change and tries to convince the world, but, as usual, he is branded as crazy. Oz gives up his career, college and pretty much all of his life to pursue what's going on with animals, before it's too late.

Zoo won me over on the first page, with a very natural and very bloody attack, after that, it was difficult to stop reading. The narrative of James Pattterson it is wonderful, using sarcasm at the right time, mainly to enhance the personality of Oz, without leaving aside a hint of suspense. The chapters are short and fluid, making reading very pleasant.

A razão por trás desses ataques é bem explicada, e bem interessante! Demora bastante pra descobrirmos essa razão, mas a espera compensa. O fato é que mesmo que não tivesse uma explicação viável, não iria me importar, pois só os acontecimentos já bastam para fazer a obra vale à pena.

The end is certainly the most brilliant part of Zoo, addresses some issues beyond the animal premise. I can't comment much to not let any spoiler, but I guarantee it is very good!

Zoo it is a reading that I certainly recommend.

Recalling that the book was adapted for a series of the same name, which has already been renewed for the second season.


  1. Hello, how are you?
    Wow, I loved this review. I must confess that it would not bother me to read the synopsis. Yes, I'm one of those 🙁
    But, I love a suspense and I was super curious to know what's behind the behavior of these animals.
    Kisses <3

  2. I read this book and enjoyed it too.
    About the scientific explanations, in my view, they are simple. There are no complicated terms of biology, zoology, ecology. However, the explanation for triggering animal attacks is convincing, at least for me, because man has interfered so much in nature, we do not know the consequences of this in the future.


  3. Hello, I think this is the first review I read of this book and I found the premise very interesting, I still haven't read anything from the author, but maybe it starts with ZOO.

  4. Hello. All right?
    I read James' books that disappointed me so much that I discouraged myself from continuing to read his books. I no longer feel excited by his premises, unfortunately. : /

  5. Hi.
    the premise of the book is quite interesting, but I can't like the author's books. just one of all that I have read so far I really liked it, so I read on.
    however, the book is still interesting. who knows, I might not have a chance again and end up reading something about him.

  6. Hello,
    I generally like Patterson's books, but this one is still a step behind. I don't know if it's because the story is very different from what he usually writes or because they talk so badly about the TV series that was based on him.


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