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When tragedy struck, and you were rejected by your family, you set out on an epic journey, going from outcast mercenary to legendary Spartan hero, seeking to uncover the truth about your past. His only clue is Leonidas' broken spear, an ancient weapon of incredible power, famous for having been used by the great king of Sparta. It is the key to the secrets of your lineage. On your odyssey, you can sail to the far reaches of the Aegean Sea, forming alliances and making enemies, battling legendary creatures and helping the greatest minds of the age.

Check out the game's half hour of gameplay.

And another game from the franchise arrives! And this time in ancient Greece. And this, as happened in Syndicate, is the second Assassin's that we can choose between two playable protagonists at the beginning of the game, being able to exchange them later.

The two players are Alexios and Kassandra, descendants of legendary Spartan warriors, among them Leonidas, known to fans of comics and cinemas as the king of Sparta.

The mechanics of the two characters are the same at the time of combat, differing only in the events of the protagonists during the story.

The combat system plunges once and for all in the action RPG style, but keeping the commands already known by the players. Skills are unlocked as the characters progress, and can be separated into categories such as Warrior, Marksman and Assassin.

One of the interesting highlights is that the gamer can create his own fighting style, making this version much more immersive than the previous ones.

Another interesting aspect is the change in the fight against enemies. Now it's much more fun and less robotic than previous versions. Another difference is that the characters don't use the famous hidden blade. In the famous sneaky parts of the franchise, Alexios and Kassandra use the Spear of Leonidas.

The overall result of this new game is one of the best experiences the company can give fans, with more freedom as happened in Origins when exploring Ancient Egypt, unexpected situations, ways to improve equipment, among others.

One of the negative points in recent years was the speed at which each game in the series arrived, especially with its bugs and the fatigue that it already showed among fans.

And it looked like Odyssey would suffer from the same traditional problem. Fortunately that didn't happen.

And not to spoil the immersion of each gamer, what we can say is that Ubisoft managed to make the experience that there was in Origins much more ambitious. The dialogues are interactive and end up interfering with the story of the protagonists, in addition to the fans being able to have an uninterrupted naval experience.

Without a doubt, this Assassin's Creed is one of the best ever released!

Thanks to Ubisoft for submitting the code.

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