Assassin's Creed: Valhalla finally arrives for consoles and PC. The version we play, provided by Ubisoft, went to computers. Right from the start, we can already see a big change: choosing between a male or female Eivor. Something very interesting since the company had already stated that it was complicated to model female characters (?!).

Anyway, no matter who you choose, during the journey you can change your gender. But as it unfolds - we have not yet finalized it - you can see that the correct thing is to choose Eivor woman, since during the narrative the characters use the pronoun Ela.

assassins Creed

The game is a Assassins Creed kind of just in the title. As well? Well, as with Origins and Odissey, the script does not go against the mythology of the Assassins' fight against the Templars. It can be said that this story is practically forgotten during the adventure.

Anyway, this is nothing to spoil your fun, on the contrary. The infiltration mechanics and what made the franchise a success are there. Even his actions, which can affect the central character of the plot.

Combat system

Many elements should not be removed from the games, but improved. And the combat part is undoubtedly superior to previous games. Now we can use different weapons in each hand, which is interesting and gives Eivor better agility. And this also makes the game better, since we can attack and defend ourselves, instead of just hitting the button.

It also improved the physiological mechanics of the character, as Eivor can get tired. It is no use just attacking without stopping, as he or she will get tired, as well as missing an attack will surely leave you breathless. So fight sparingly and be smart.

Maintenance of your village

This is a part that some may not like and others love, but certainly necessary within the plot and a game with historical content. As it happened in AC 2 and Brotherhood, we must take care of our village. Obtaining resources, maintaining the houses, among others, is something totally understandable and that brings fantastic mini games!

Just don't expect to make money from it, as you are in foreign lands, and taking care of where you live is more than your obligation!

Making choices

Like everything that happens in life, in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla we must know how to make our choices, as they will affect the content of the story. So knowing how to choose who your friends and enemies are is a matter of patience.

Bearing in mind that like many television series with similar themes, such as Vikings, here is not knowing how to choose the person as your friend who will be right or wrong. What will happen is that it will have different paths. This is really a smart thing for the writers, because it takes the focus off the end of the game, that is, how it will end and which is the real one. So here what really matters is the journey!

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The title has been treated well by Ubisoft. So much so that she even made a historic podcast about the Vikings. Of course the game is a fiction, even so the elements of the game were well done by the company.

The game also features a map of Britain at the time, mainly the three new territories open for exploration that are East Anglia, Mercia and Wessex, showing the developers attention with the historical content. The amount of things to be done in this title is huge, so you can wait for hours and hours in front of your console or PC.

How many lives does he take?

So far, it's worth it! The game has proven to be fun and with a story that is sure to make players look for more historical information. But he still follows the same model of themes based on the story of Origins and Odissey.

This is not so bad, as they are innovative titles with content, but it is time for Ubisoft to start making changes and bringing new subjects and especially the Assassin mythology back to the franchise.

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review-assassins-creed-valhallaAssassin´s Creed Valhalla is fun and with a story that is sure to make players look for more historical information. But he still follows the same model of themes based on the story of Origins and Odissey.


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