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Battlefield 2042 is a great game, but one that should scare away those who like the campaign mode.


Another Battlefield arrives for fans of the shooting genre. The franchise that always brought something new to emulate the physics of a real war, maintains its style with the new Battlefield 2042.

Este que é o décimo sétimo título da série Battlefield e a sequência de Battlefield V, from 2018, adds weather changes to the game, such as sandstorms, which leaves the title with a greater challenge. In addition, its multiplayer is the main point of this new battle, which unfortunately left the campaign mode in nowhere.


Battelfield 2042 is beautiful! There's nothing to discuss about it. Its look is more realistic, with really impressive shadows and details. If you don't take a closer look, anyone passing by will think they're watching a war movie.

If it is to be compared with other titles of the genre, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield ainda se mantém superior nesta qualidade. os outros jogos são realmente bons, mas acabam em algum ponto ficando “cartunescos”, enquanto 2042 é mais “realista”, principalmente aos detalhes como prédios e natureza.


There are no changes to the entire franchise here. You shoot, take cover, walk, run, jump and try to survive the game's physics. So don't think you're playing Fortnite, in case you are arriving now, because you will get hurt badly or even die.

What impresses in Battlefield 2042 is the variety of equipment that the developer brought and left on the battlefield for players. There are many weapons and an outstanding level of customization, to leave any fan for weapons, hours and hours detailing yours.

I confess I'm not a fan of multiplayer modes, preferring the story mode and its campaigns more. Even so, the multiplayer is enough to leave anyone, whatever their style, with eyes shining. It's crazy to play with more than 120 players on the same map and get out without even hitting someone.

And if you've never played something like this, don't be alarmed, because Battlefield 2042's multiplayer is very simple, with mechanics aimed at any type of player, from beginners to the most experienced.

Um dos pontos – e sufocantes – altos é entrar em uma batalha durante uma tempestade de areia. Sua visão fica totalmente limitada, como deve ser, deixando a partida mais estressante e divertida.

Here it is clear that Battlefield 2042 is bringing a new type of experience to players, which would be survival with more tactical combat. Even so, a campaign mode would still be very welcome.

Portal Mode

Here's something that surprised. Portal is a way to have fun! Here players can customize the game the way they want, that is, you can create your own war with vehicles, weapons, among others, to play with friends. Undoubtedly, those who complain that the same multiplayer screens sometimes get tiring will now have real challenges ahead.

Story behind the game

Todo jogo, mesmo que seja apenas de tiro, precisa de uma história. Décadas de devastação causada pela mudança climática (incluindo o colapso da União Europeia e subsequentes refugiados do clima conhecidos como “No-Pats” – Sem Pátria) chegam a um pico em 2040 quando ocorre um evento da síndrome de Kessler, fazendo com que 70% dos satélites em órbita caiam na Terra. O apagão global resultante faz com que as tensões entre os Estados Unidos e a Rússia aumentem vertiginosamente, com a guerra estourando no ano 2042.

The story is very good, like a movie narrative and it reminds me a little of that of video games. Ace Combat. But let's face it, it's a story for a campaign mode, and that's not the case here, which leaves this whole plot for nothing.

This is a plot to create empathy for characters, for the development of the story and to know more about how it all happened and how far it can go. It doesn't have to have an end, but the details, especially criticisms of the lack of sustainability of the human being, are blatant in a game that doesn't exist.

Even though the multiplayer mode is more than interesting, having all this history left that knowing of: what now? Anyway, you can be compensated with the game modes and especially the Portal.

Worth it?

For players who only enjoy battles against others, yes. Battlefield 2042 is undoubtedly a great choice, even more so with the arrival of Portal mode. Those who prefer a solo campaign should stay away from the game, especially if they don't feel comfortable playing with other more experienced people.

Even so, it's a beautiful game, fun to play and that will bring a fruitful experience to all fans of the Battlefield franchise.

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Battlefield 2042 is a great game, but one that should scare away those who like the campaign



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