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Review | Dandy Ace

Dandy Ace is aimed at root and hardcore gamers who like adventure and smart difficulty!

A 100% brazuca game! This is Dandy Ace which is already available on Steam. The game is of the roguelite genre of Mad Mimic. For those who still have a certain fear with national titles, you can rest assured. The title is addictive, with a high difficulty, but it's totally surprising!


Dandy Ace is a roguelike with a dynamic and whimsical combat experience that follows a fabulous magician seeking to combine and use his magic cards as he fights and loots to defeat the green-eyed Illusionist Lele, who has trapped him in a cursed mirror.

As you battle through Lele's ever-changing palace, combine different cards with over a thousand possibilities, each with its own playstyles and powers. Each match offers new challenges and combinations for players to explore as they get closer to Lele.


This is a fast and frantic game. Dandy Ace doesn't give the player a second's peace of mind. There are enemies everywhere with different powers that never stop giving our hero work.

One of the interesting aspects of the game is the use of cards. There are 4 primaries with different colors: blue (movement), roses (damage) and yellow (control). During the game they appear randomly when destroying groups of creatures, finding chests and also in stores scattered around the game map and the player must adapt to what the game offers, that is, in the long-distance or face-to-face style. front!

If you think you're stuck with it, it's just a mistake. The choice of style is up to the player, who will be able to modify it by adding secondary cards, thus strengthening their powers.


fantastic! Dandy Ace's look is colorful, outgoing and reminiscent of 1980s animations and Scooby Doo. With a play of lights and shadows, plus the character's magenta, the title has animations that often leads the player to stop and admire the game's content.

Worth it?

We got Dandy Ace a long time ago. The delay for the review is the fault of the game itself for being totally addictive. It's hard to stop playing and start writing about it. There are numerous factors that make the title fun in every way, from its look, adventure and dubbing.

It often becomes frustrating due to their deaths and the player having to start all over again. But older players won't mind that, as having only 3 lives and no SAVE was the norm at the time. That's why Dandy Ace is aimed at those more rooted players who like an adventure and smart difficulty!

Thunder Wave note
Dandy Ace, one of the smartest games and made by a team that knows the challenges a roguelike must bring!

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Review | Dandy AceDandy Ace, one of the smartest games and made by a team that knows the challenges a roguelike must bring!
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