Thursday, 9, July, 2020

We received a data recovery program for analysis. The test was done with the version of Windows 7, 32 Bits, with 2 GB of RAM.

For our evaluation, we deleted two HD videos from the computer itself, with approximately 12 gigs in total, an image of two megs and an MP3 of 7 megs from the pendrive.

O EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard it has quick, simple and intuitive installation. And it can be done in Brazilian Portuguese, which already makes it easier for the layman in English or who do not have the patience to read long texts or several options boxes to install a program.


Its design is very simple and clean, not causing problems of what should be done, leaving only to click on the HDs already existing on your computer, a folder that wants to recover your file or any other connected external device.


When choosing the location to be recovered, the program opens a new area showing what will be done. At the top, the user can choose the Filter and choose to perform a more objective search for the type of file, whether it is something existing or deleted, a date that was deleted and even the beginning of the letter.


And when rescuing the file, the user creates a folder where he wants to save, with the name Recovered and the name of the original folder, which is not a problem if he wants the file to be in the same place where it was.

Negative points

O EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard it even makes a quick search of what the user wants to recover. Your problem lies in wanting to scan virtually your entire PC for deleted files. Depending on the size of your hard drive, this can last for an hour. And it ends up taking even longer to recover your document.

A simple MP3 file, which was on the flash drive, it took approximately half an hour to recover and still returned with an error.

The HD image was not recovered, much due to the lack of patience that the program brings to those who are using it, because in this insistence to perform a complete search where the user did not ask, it was not possible to know if he needs to do all this to recover or gave error.

The videos, on the other hand, gave more than 4 hours to try to recover, which the PC stayed on for one night to do the job. The recovery was not complete, leaving you with several points with error.

Final analises

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a simple program for users with less computer knowledge and without patience for more complex installations. Unfortunately, he does not search only at the location chosen by the user, insisting on making an analysis of his entire computer, which can cause some irritation, in addition to not recovering in 100%, not even small documents or that image that was deleted permanently without (for) wanting for your little brother.

There is the free version of the program, just access the site For download.

Do what you promise?
The program is interesting and intuitive, but failures in recoveries damage the quality of the program too much, since it is its main purpose.


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