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Start Technology Reviews Review: EaseUS Todo Backup

Review: EaseUS Todo Backup

When it comes to backup, what comes to mind is the headache of needing an external hard drive with great storage or some website with cloud services.

What comes up against the common audience is the high value of the HD and the series of spending on data or a good internet to upload your files.

Even companies run into several programs that are difficult to access and do not comply with at least 1% of what is written.

To facilitate the backup process, the company EaseUS Software created the program EaseUS Todo Backup, a good program, not great, but it does what is described in its manual.

It backs up all types of files, from the Windows operating system and works from Windows XP to 10, which does not prevent many Windows 7 users from feeling harmed.

Review: EaseUS Todo Backup 1The program we received to perform the test, was made on a Windows 10 Notebook with 64 bits, RAM and a 500 gig hard drive.

Installation is quick and without much to choose from, which is good for any type of user. The work interface is all in Portuguese, simple and clean.

In the settings section, the user can modify the location where he wants to save his copies, the language among others.

The backup part itself is also very simple. The user will be able to choose between the types of files, the location from which he wants to perform the backup, the type of compression, if he wants it to be encrypted, etc.

Review: EaseUS Todo Backup 2

The speed is also good, but as always it will depend on the size of your hard drive and the amount of what you want to backup.

We did our test with several types of files, from the simplest with images, videos and the whole notebook. The speed varied from 3 to 20 minutes.

To create a mirror and do the full backup was also not complicated or even extraordinary. The program performed its functions properly.

Review: EaseUS Todo Backup 3

The same occurred for the recovery of the files, which returned 100% intact.

O EaseUS Todo Backup it is not a great program due to the speed of execution, especially if the user wants something higher in its level of compression or directly to a CD or other external location. But this is not an impediment to the program, as it is completely reliable.

It is possible to test the program for free, simply install it following the steps on the website EaseUS Todo Backup.


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