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Review | Far Cry 6 Cows: Insanity (PC)

Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity proved to be a great choice for an in-game adventure, but one that will only be enjoyed by those who already know the villain.


Insanity! Total and perfect insanity. It is no coincidence that this DLC released for Far Cry 6 has this name, right after the main protagonist of this release: Bows. the famous villain of Far Cry 3 is back, in a unique way and with a totally psychological adventure.

About the game

Become the villain, enter the mind of Montenegro, from Far Cry 3, and face your inner demons in a brand new episode of DLC, unlike any previous Far Cry experience. Reveal the story behind this iconic villain, exploring unique locations in a twisted version of the Rook Islands to obtain keys and escape your own mind in this die-and-try gameplay experience.


Basicamente e indo direto ao assunto, é a mesma de todos os jogos da série e o que está em Far Cry 6. Ir além disso, é “chover no molhado”. O mais importante é o estilo em que econtramos Vaas. Um personagem totalmente “maluco”, agora preso dentro de sua própria mente, onde iremos descobrindo algumas coisas de seu passado e o que levaram a se tornar o vilão do terceiro jogo da franquia.

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Another aspect is that because it is something insane, certain facts of the story will be distorted, as it is a vision of Vaas. So, if you don't know the story of Far Cry 3, you might get lost with this DLC. Therefore, playing or even taking a summary of the story, it will be important to have a better use of the story, otherwise it will end up being just another adventure, even if it is equally exciting.

Anyway, even if you don't know the story of Vaas, it's not something that will hinder your game, as it will give you tips on what to do. So, stay calm and play calmly.


The design remains the same as Far Cry 6, without losing anything and just adding some new things, as the title is Insanity. Follow tracks, which are now in red, see some marine beings (I won't put which one so as not to miss the comic part), in addition to the character's comments, make this DLC something odd. It's like playing a completely different Far Cry title after the sixth adventure, as you're sure to forget about all the happenings in Yara.

Choosing Vaas for this DLC was a great move for Ubisoft, as he is one of the most remembered villains in Far Cry and placed as one of the best among games. And if it had a film adaptation, it would definitely be in a Top 5 of the best villains of all time.

But back to the game, which isn't something very time-consuming and you'll be able to finish it pretty quickly, especially if you're patient and pay attention to detail, this DLC is a lot of fun not only for Far Cry fans, but also for Breaking Bad fans.

Por que? Simples. Temos Giancarlo Esposito interpretando Antón Castillo, o novo vilão do jogo. E para aqueles que o conhecem, sabem muito bem que ele fazia o papel de Gustavo “Gus” Fring em Breaking Bad e Better Call Saul. Por isso é até cômico fazer uma ligação da insanidade da série Breaking Bad com o que está acontecendo com Vaas. Até parece que ele se tornou um dos clientes de Walter White ou melhor, Heisenberg.

Worth it?

As always, Far Cry's content is beyond its style of shooting game and yes in its plot that consecrated it. The franchise has always had strong, charismatic characters that players can relate to, hate, love or all of them together. This DLC featuring Vaas shows how much Ubisoft is paying attention to the Far Cry series and to the taste of its fans.

It's not just a way to sell more Far Cry 6, it's a way to expand the way you tell stories in-game. And Vaas being a character and not a skin as it happens in certain titles is a welcome gift to all fans and those who want to know why he is so loved and hated by players.



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