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Review: Far Cry New Dawn


Far Cry: New Dawn is an action-adventure first person shooter developed and published by Ubisoft.

In this new game, players must fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic frontier against the twins, who are the new villains of the franchise.

the new title Far Cry New Dawn was a scare among fans, as the fifth edition was released not even a year ago, ie March 2018!

This game is not a DLC but a direct continuation of the story of the previous game, with the outcome of events.

Plot (with Spoiler for those who didn't play Far Cry 5)

The story takes place 17 years after Far Cry 5, in a post-apocalyptic world. The game starts with the narration of Carmina Rye saying that he was born on the very day the world ended. This all happens right at the end of the fifth game, when a nuclear bomb explodes and humans will survive underground.

Many turned up their noses at this part of the plot, especially those who are used to games like Metro Last Light, Fallout, among others, as the game takes place 17 years later and according to studies, it still wouldn't be possible for the world to have returned to normal. But Ubisoft replied that they spoke with experts to find out how long the fauna and flora could return without the human interference. Therefore, it is justified by people who know the subject well.

Just after 6 years, they come back to the surface. and start a new life, thriving for 17 years. But as always, not everyone thinks the same way and groups appear wanting to subjugate and rule with an iron fist. And among these groups are the Raiders, led by the twins Mickey and Lou. Mickey is the brains and Lou the strength. And like any brigand, they go from place to place conquering and destroying everything.

The saga Far cry is famous for its villains, where the whole story happens around them, and again the producer delivers two villains of weight. And in contrast to these villains the game brings a great hero, in the skin of Thomas Rush, who will be the main name of the resistance.

And to help you in the quest to bring a new free America, it will be up to the Captain or Captain, depending on your choice,
help the villages, improve the bases, search for resources to make new weapons and end the threat of the twins.


Like the entire franchise, Far Cry New Dawn presents a visual spectacle, where, in addition to the scenery, there is no lack of genetic mutations and isolated bases and enemies that appear to interfere. And the highlight is the pink that is practically predominant in the game.

The game maintains the stealth pattern, in addition to the crazy races of your character, whether on foot or in a car.

Unlike the fifth game, in New Dawn the missions are faster, making the game more fun, even more for those who played Far Cry 5, as there will be reunions with characters from the old game. And still in the survival line, the player has to improve his base, obtaining a great volume of ethanol, through invasions of enemy bases and taking them. At first everything is very simple to be done, but the challenge grows with the story.

Enemies Artificial Intelligence

The game has about 10 different types of enemies that differ from each other, with unique armor and weapons.

The artificial intelligence has improved a little more since the previous game, even so it's not one of the best, something “normal” among the games of the style.

It still has visible errors like enemies that stay hidden for too long, characters that run through walls, many that fall into traps too easily by insisting on running after enemies, even if it isn't necessary. And in some parts, the player will get annoyed with characters that take a long time to enter vehicles or descend from them still in motion.

A problem that happened a few times, but nothing that got in the way, was when it came to opening the bench. He opened it, the caption continued to run, but the loading stayed there, stubbornly disappearing.

On the positive side, there was an improvement in bugs that happened frequently, like frozen characters, NPCs that appeared out of nowhere and others. Here this has all been fixed.

In terms of weapons, the game brings several types, maintaining the diversity of weapons.

Gameplay has kept the standard with controls that flow and respond with precision.

The soundtrack continues with the same quality, with a frenetic and fun rhythm.

Finishing, Far Cry New Dawn is a game that is worth it, even more fun than its predecessor and keeping the quality of the titles in the saga.

Game analyzed with code provided by Ubisoft.

Gameplay: Electrosphere Project



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