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Review: 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery'

Last Wednesday (25), fans of the Harry Potter saga were presented with the official launch of the game for smartphones Harry Potter - Hogwarts Mystery. It is possible to become a student or student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and experience, day after day, everything that the characters created by J.K. Rowling experienced in the books and / or movies of the saga.

The plot begins with the player, in the male or female avatar, within the Diagon Alley, already duly uniformed, shopping for school supplies at Flourishes & Blots and a wand at the store Mr. Olivaras. Purchases are similar to Harry, in his time as a first year in Hogwarts.

In our test, we chose a male avatar but regardless of the choice, Rowan will be from the first contact, your friend in Hogwarts and will help you with tasks and environment at school, due to your intelligence and the fact that you have read Hogwarts: A Story, such as Hermione Granger, in his first year at the institution.

There is the ceremony of Selector hat, exactly like movies and books, led by Prof. Minerva McGonagall and it is the player who chooses the house he wants to go to and according to the plot, “The Selector hat takes the student's opinion into account“. In addition, the player also chooses the name for the avatar - he can use his name or the random name that the game gives him.

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Sorting Hat Ceremony - The player chooses the house that most identifies himself | | Image / Playback: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

In addition to all this magic, there are quotes and references to books and films, causing some questions from teachers to be answered only by the player. With that, you earn personal points, points in some characteristics and of course, points for your home - and the same rule is: the house with the highest score at the end of the school year, wins the House Cup.

Behind the lessons and challenges, there is a plot that titled the game: Jacob, the player's older brother, had been expelled from school for being involved in a hunt for some crypts and thereby jeopardized the entire school. Since that expulsion, the young man had never been seen again and brought a certain shame to the family, making the player not well regarded by other students.

Who does not see the player or anyone, to be more exact, with good eyes, is the student Merula Snyde, first year of Slytherin. It is mocking, affronting and of such cruelty. It can cause you a certain anger that you will want to defeat it as soon as possible in a duel. So, get ready and don't freak out so much every time Merula appear distilling your poison.

Technical / Graphic Design

The graphics are excellent and it really gives a good feeling of nostalgia to relive, in the palm of your hands, all the places described and seen in the books and films of the Harry Potter saga. But there are those who say that the fact that the character does not walk all over the scene, makes the game not a pleasant 100% experience. In fact, it is not a 3D, but it looks like a 2D animation with a certain depth, but this does not disturb or disturb the game, quite the contrary.

Our gameplay experience was using a iPhone 5s, iOS version 11.3.1, of Apple, and there was no crash or pixelization. We propose a challenge to journalists Amanda Vaz, user of the system Android and to our surprise, the game also didn't present any bug during your gaming experience. Amanda has a smartphone Samsung J7 metal, with operating system Android 7 Nougat.

On the day of the game's launch, some users reported that their devices had crashed, which caused some irritation. THE Jam City, company that developed the game, provided a form of contact to help users with defects in the game. If you still have a technical problem, click here and read some topics that can help you have a better gaming experience.

Until the closing of this article, we found no other history of defects or errors or complaints from users on social networks about the operation of the game.


Revive Hogwarts in the palm of your hand, at your fingertips, it is of great magnificence. Being a student and going through every corner of the school, meeting with iconic characters and finally receiving the long-dreamed and desired letter of acceptance, is, in fact, a unique feeling.

As the game takes place a few years before Harry, Ron and Hermione, you have the opportunity to find Tonks Ninfadora and Bill Weasley still as students, the wonderful Hagrid and the teachers you live with and interact with, directly.

The scenarios are very faithful to the description of the school and although there were some complaints from players, saying that the common rooms are very close to each other, as it is a game, it is completely understandable and acceptable to have a Hogwarts compact to cell phone.

The game has Portuguese (Brazil), English (USA), Spanish, Italian, German, French and Japanese languages, which facilitates communication practically worldwide. Some lines of the characters, were voiced by the original actors of the film, which gives another quality certification to the game. It is good both for the natives of the respective countries, as well as for those who are learning a new language - it will certainly help you in learning. We didn't find any problems with translation.

Negative points

The amount of energy available to perform the tasks. At certain times, it can be tedious to have to wait a few long minutes for the energy box to load to complete the missions. In the meantime, it’s good to have other things to do.

While reading the books, the impression is that things happen very quickly. In the game, the feeling is the opposite. The slowness for things to happen is present. In the first year, the player, as a student, attends only Potions, Spells and Flight classes.

The non-release of other environments and characters as the character matures, with regard to years of study in Hogwarts, it will make you a little bit upset - you cannot visit the common rooms of other houses if you are not, in fact, a member of the respective house. Access is restricted.

Accessories are very expensive. As much as you are at high levels or have a considerable number of coins and / or jewelry, when you buy something, all your wealth is gone. Nothing very new, after all, companies profit from the purchase of extras, which in Brazilian currency, exceeds R$ 200 to continue playing for longer.

Always have a phone charger on hand, your battery will not last long if you decide to play without using one. It does not mean that it will run out at first when opening the game, but it consumes enough energy for the game to progress.


Are you out of energy and need to charge up but don't want to wait for that little time? Take a walk around the castle and find some functions that can guarantee you two or three batteries. In the garden, there is a stick. Touch him and the dog Hagrid will catch you. In the towers, touching pictures, you also gain extra energy.

In the dungeons, near the common room of the Hufflepuff, waking up Dobby, the house elf, you also get extra gas. Last but not least, at the entrance to the main hall, there are statues - those of the Piertotum Locomotor, You know? - stuck to the wall. Touching them, you receive energy.

It is not recommended to carry out this energy search while you are in a class or mission, it is quite possible for you to return to the task at the beginning. In that case, minimize the game and wait a while to reload. When you want to return, you will start right where you left off.

Respect the time of each class. Even if you run out of energy, minimize the game and return from time to time to complete the tasks. There is no way to save energy, for example, choose an item that uses 2 energies than the item that uses 4, for example. It is essential to click on all the blue icons to advance in class.

To earn points for your House, be as correct as possible according to your personality. By acting in this way, choosing the correct answers for teachers and also for other students, you increase your courage, intelligence and empathy and in the end, when you level up or advance in the chapters, the overall sum earned, goes to the overall score of houses and whoever wins, you know, leads to House Cup.

For more information, visit the game website clicking here.
Below, watch the trailer

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Mystery is available for downloads in smartphones with operating systems Androids and iOS.

Thunder Wave note
In a private universe, you are the protagonist of Hogwarts and live your story before Harry, Ron and Hermione. With great performance graphics and no crashes on Android and iOS systems, "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" pleases and holds the player's attention to challenges. A real gift for fans of the saga who have long been waiting for a quality RPG.


  1. Hello! Very cool post! I had discovered only the twig and the elf to gain more energy and they renew the house 24 hours.
    I did this during missions and lessons and there is no problem! Just click on the door in the bottom right corner and the mission will continue to run until the timer runs out lol

    • Hi Mandy, how are you?
      It's just like you said. We are happy to know that you liked our post.
      I hope you are enjoying the game and thank you for your cooperation.
      A hug! 😉

  2. Well what I'm finding very annoying is the competition for the home cup, all the people I know are with their houses in fourth place in the ranking, and are the first in the school's ranking for the sum of points.
    It seems that the game does not want us to win 100 gems for completing the school year in the first place in the home cup.
    Isn't someone in fourth place?

  3. We can't find harry potter, rony weasley, hermione

    I wanted to know why I downloaded the game with that intuition why I love them


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