Interstellar Space: Genesis is a turn-based 4X space strategy game in which you try to build a galactic empire developed by Praxis Games.

The 4X style is a subgenre of strategy or analog gaming where players control an empire and “investigate, expand, exploit and exterminate” (eXpolore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate, hence the term 4X), rival empires . 4X games are known for their deep and complex gameplay. They are games with an emphasis on economic and technological development, as well as a variety of nonmilitary routes to supremacy. A classic of the style is Civilization.

Picture from the game Civilization | Image: Eletronic Arts

Interstellar presents a variety of customization options for different races, such as human and other aliens, where the player will be able to create their own battle ships during the game, customize their own races, hire and manage skillful leaders and develop planets to meet your growing empire.

Interstellar Space: Genesis | Image: Praxis Games

It is a simple game with a very clean look. As with many role-playing styles, MMORPG, Interstellar features plenty of text and narrative, with menus that must be completed to improve your race.

Interstellar Space: Genesis | Image: Praxis Games

The Game

Interstellar Space: Genesis is a spiritual successor to Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares. The story is very simple and objective, where the player is free to explore the wonders of space, having to colonize other worlds and expand their sphere of influence across the galaxy.

As with any style story, the explorer will realize that he is not alone in the universe. This is where the game gets interesting, because in fact, the player will realize that knowing other species is a vital certainty for the story, as their choices of how they will act can bring consequences such as peace, cooperation, progress and even war. As well as managing your resources and evolving the necessary in your time.

Interstellar Space: Genesis | Image: Praxis Games

The gameplay is quite simple, especially for its style, with fast combat animations and the same for story development.

According to Adam Solo, co-founder of Praxis Games, “My initial vision for the space of Interstellar: Genesis was motivated by some basic questions: what kinds of beings will early explorers know when they leave Earth? And what will happen when mankind make the first real contact? That was the beginning, the initial spark. I wasn’t sure how much I would like to innovate, but I knew in my heart that the game would be a 4X space game and that the gameplay couldn’t be much different from two games I loved playing the most, namely Master of Orion and its incredible sequel. ”

To Hugo Rosado, also one of the founders of Praxis, “Space has been my passion since childhood. I was fortunate to have a professional career in the space industry at both the European Space Agency and private aerospace space company Elecnor Deimos. Now, I’m still in the space industry, but the location is quite different: we are developing our first 4X title and our release is within everyone’s reach. I hope everyone who plays this game loves it as much as we are enjoying the development process itself! ”

The game is good?

We received the game code from the company and we can say that for style lovers it is an excellent game. The adventure and story development is very interesting, as is the strategy to use. It is not an easy game, it can be simple in its look, but like any game of this style, it is one where the player will pause for a few moments and even long minutes to analyze its full feature, know where and when to explore, so as your wedding rings.

For gamers who like faster and more dynamic games, they may get bored, especially because 4X games are much longer throughout their development.

Anyway, Interstellar is a great 4X style game that is worth playing for all its challenge to the player!

Interstellar Space: Genesis is being released on PC via Steam.

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