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Review | Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022 continues to be fun for all ages, mainly because it doesn't depend on anything to evolve other than playing!

Synonymous with rhythm and dance, Just Dance 2022 has already arrived for fans of the franchise. This new version of the game from Ubisoft arrives with 40 new hit tracks and more gameplay. Dance to “Don't Go Yet” by Camila Cabello, "Love Story" from Taylor Swift (Taylor's version), “Happier than Ever” by Billie Eilish and more.

Version 2022

Like the previous ones, Just Dance has no changes. His simple style of choosing music and following the steps that appear on the screen remains the same. Changing that is radicalizing something completely unnecessary.

Most important in the case of Just Dance 2022 are its new tracks. In addition to the 40 new ones, the old ones are still there to keep you dancing all the time. The same is true for his “let's move this body, because in Covid's time you can't stand still”. Granted, that's not the name, but the franchise proved to be very important to people throughout the confinement process.


While staying true to your style, it's always important to stand out to those new to the franchise. Just Dance uses player motion capture, which can be through a controller like the Nintendo Switch, PS Move of PlayStation, or as in the case for Android and iOS The JD Controller that can be downloaded.

Getting started is very simple: choose your music and dance following the movements shown on the screen. For each hit, the player will earn points through Good, Perfect and Super. It's not complicated, but it requires balancing your body.


The graphics are always a show in itself. In some songs it's even comical to see a Panda dancing or that 1970s version of disco clubs. The scenery is also beautiful and in some cases a real visual adventure. The good thing is that the way they were made do not hinder or even pollute the title when following the dance sequences.


à la FolieChinaJerusalemNails, Hair, Hips, Heelswaterval
BahiaDon't Go YetjoppingPOP/STARSyou can dance
believerflash poseJudasposter girlYou Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
Black MambaFreed from DesirekoiRock Your Body
BOOMBAYAHfunkLast Friday Night (TGIF)Run the World (Girls)
boss witchgirl like meLevel UpSave Your Tears (Remix)
Build the B****good 4 uLevitatingSmalltown Boy
ButtonsHappier Than EverLove StoryStop Drop Roll
chacarronhumanmoodYour face
ChandelierI'm Outta LoveMr Blue SkyThink About Things
Source: Ubisoft

choose your pace

Just Dance 2022, like its previous versions, can be played in mode ground and co-op. Either way is fun, but sure to play with someone on your side is always rewarding as it elevates the gameplay. Another form that is present is the sweat mode, or the longer version with COVID above, which has a playlist aimed at exercising.

And after dancing, learning the choreographies, the player can still challenge the world in a determined song through the World Dance Floor. In addition, Just Dance also has a version for children, Just Dance Kids, with simpler scenarios, children's songs and choreographies that they will enjoy.

Now in case you're thinking, Just Dance will eventually become like my Streaming subscription, full of movies and series and I'll spend hours and hours trying to pick something and I'll give up on playing, rest assured. The title has Quick Play that chooses songs randomly. It's just like music software that plays songs in any order. Ideal for those who don't know what to choose.

Just this music?

If you think 40 new songs aren't enough, don't worry, Just Dance already has its previous playlist and throughout the year adds new exclusive songs and favorite tracks throughout the year, and the seasonally themed content makes your experience even more fun! A free trial version of Just Dance Unlimited is included in every copy of Just Dance 2022.

Worth it?

Just Dance 2022 continues – and how – fun. A great choice for playing alone, whether just for dancing or exercising. Play with family, friends and even a great option for fun on your children's birthday.

The game continues to be fun for all ages, mainly because it doesn't depend on anything to evolve, except playing!

Just Dance 2022 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch. The version we received for review from Ubisoft is Switch.

Thunder Wave note
Just Dance 2022 continues to be fun for all ages, mainly because it doesn't depend on anything to evolve other than playing!

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