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Review | KINGDOM of the DEAD

KINGDOM of the DEAD is a fun game in its own right, without the need to wait for DLCs like current games, in addition to being hand-drawn and bringing nostalgia for fans of first-person shooters.


KINGDOM of the DEAD, in short, is a first-person game where you have to grab your weapon and go out killing demons. In a very cold analysis, it's another game of the genre that arrives to be one of the annual releases of horror and survival titles that try to grab a slice of Resident Evil, Doom, among others.

Well, it's not! KINGDOM of the DEAD is a standalone, hand-drawn, black and white, bloodless game where the player really fights demons, but he is so nostalgic and at the same time innovative, that it seems to be an idea taken from Sin City in Frank Miller.

About the game

KINGDOM of the DEAD is a pen-and-ink horror first-person shooter in which you play as Agent Chamberlain, a professor turned Army general working in the secret government program GATEKEEPER, whose purpose is to defeat Death and his armies.


The premise of the game is very simple and doesn't need anything else. Again, it's like diving into titles like Quake or Doom, when there was that little introduction and you were already thrown into the adventure, or hell! An interesting point in KINGDOM of the DEAD is that the player is accompanied by a sword. But not just any one, as she is also a character.

This interesting company was reminiscent of the anime D: The Vampire Hunter at some points, where the main character, D, talks to his hand. The comparison may even seem impossible, since hand and sword are totally different things, but not in this case, since they are very interesting characters.

Within the elements of playability, KINGDOM of the DEAD is easy. Even those who have never played anything in the style will feel comfortable with the commands, as it is just walking, looking, shooting or hitting with the sword, in addition to picking up the items that appear.

As it is a black and white game, the setting is more grotesque, with shadow play and some flashes of lightning and thunder that give a little more lighting to totally unknown places. Walking in some points of the screen is really scary, as everything is practically dark.

Enemies are pretty easy to kill. It doesn't make the game any simpler or boring. On the contrary, it is meant to be nostalgic and fun! No impossibilities and script errors make the gaffes of killing a boss with a shot to the head with one shot, but to get past that hellhound, you need a machine gun!

Okay, it's not like that, but having to walk a whole map to find a key, while in other scenes you can just kick the door, it's too much! Anyway, KINGDOM of the DEAD is a fast game and in just over 4 hours you can finish it.

Take the contract and see if it's worth venturing

KINGDOM of the DEAD starts in the main character's office, where you will have to choose your contracts to start the game. In Easy, the player will only have to finish his contract with few enemies to face. In Medium, you will have a little more difficulty facing your enemies, in addition to having to find a specific item on the map. Now, if you go to Hard, you will have to do everything that is previously asked and also rescue hostages.

Also, every contract has a boss to face, otherwise what challenge is this? Either way, they're not difficult to defeat, but they do their job as usual.

KINGDOM of the DEAD is a game worth having. Because it has a different style of creation, that is, it's completely hand-drawn, it doesn't need a mega ultra powerful PC and decorates several commands, in addition to being fun and quick to finish.

In an age where adventures to be productive need DLCs, KINGDOM of the DEAD is fun in its own right. For those who have never played, or are casual, venturing from easy to hard mode will give you good hours of gameplay. But if you're already familiar with killing demons, well, cut to the chase and be happy!

This version was provided by hook, developer of the game, and played on an Acer notebook, i5, with 6 GB of RAM. It's not one of the best and it's a far cry from current notebooks, as it's been in use for almost a decade. So, you can play with peace of mind!

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review-kingdom-of-the-deadKINGDOM of the DEAD is a fun game in its own right, without the need to wait for DLCs like current games, in addition to being hand-drawn and bringing nostalgia for fans of first-person shooters.



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