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Review | Lumberjack's Dynasty

A unique life simulation where you are a woodcutter building a business and founding a lasting dynasty for generations to come.

This is Lumberjack's Dynasty, a strategy and simulator game developed by Toplitz Productions. Like any game of its kind, you must explore nature to remove the wood to thrive in this game that is totally fun and addictive!

Lumberjack's Dynasty it is set in a place full of trees where you arrive to live and work at the invitation of your uncles. Something very simple and straightforward like the small synopses of games like Hay Day.

The game that is fully translated into Portuguese is very intuitive and easy to start playing. Following the style of starting from nothing and progressing, the player is presented with the tools for Lumberjack's Dynasty, which at first are few, but will increase over time.

In addition, with your growth, you will be able to do business with your neighbors, which already helps and a lot to prosper your business.

The graphics can also be modified, from the simplest, for those who have a weaker video card, even with more details, which makes it formidable for the new generations.

In a general way, Lumberjack's Dynasty it is a game with a lot of potential, mainly to be played with family. One more positive point for him, is that the game is not cooperative, that is, if you are one of several players who are tired of titles that only make you progress if you are in this mode, you can rest assured and manage as you please. business.

Thunder Wave note
Lumberjack's Dynasty is an attractive and totally addictive simulator, especially for those who don't like to play cooperatively to get points and grow in the game.


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