One of the biggest successes of AND THE is back, now with the title Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The game includes core single player content and around 40 DLCs from the titles. Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, including weapons, armor and packs – all remastered and optimized for 4K Ultra HD. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available for PRAÇA via Origin, and Steam, Xbox One and Playstation 4 with backward compatibility optimized for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

The remaster

As expected, but always with some doubts, the game originally launched in 2007 is surprising. It is not possible to do just a simple analysis of this version, as its content is really extensive.

For those who already knew the franchise, it is a longing trip to revisit this RPG, which is without a doubt one of, if not the, best fiction game ever made. If you have never played before, here is the opportunity to enjoy all the improvements that the game received from this revolutionary title.

Mass Effect is very good in 4k. The version we got was for PC, and we played on Odyssey 2 gamer notebook 8GB of RAM, 9th generation Intel i7 processor and Georforce RTX graphics card. As expected, the game ran smoothly and the game textures, as well as the lighting effects are perfectly suited for this new generation.

Of course the game has some cons, such as facial animations, but this is due to the title having received only one update and not having been made entirely from scratch like the Resident Evil Remake. Even so, the characters' skin is very well lit and acceptable.

The aliens are great, because because they have to be more “frozen” in their facial expressions, it doesn't end up being a problem, but it turned out to be perfect. So, in this part, the game takes a great grade, even more for a game with more than 10 years!


As in the original games, this version kept the gameplay in third person, being able to switch to the first person when the player activates the aim of their weapons. Shooting mechanics are much better, especially when moving inside cars. The HUD also got a nice makeover and the Mako controls are a highlight of its experience.

No matter which of the three games you choose, the gameplay of Mass Effect is amazing. Even those who have already played the title will be surprised by the ease of the controls. And if, again, you are new to the franchise, you can rest assured that Mass Effect has become simpler to be played, especially with its commands that do not require decorating practically the entire keyboard.

Almost final considerations

I can't give a final grade – yet – to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Even after a little more than 30 hours of gameplay, stopping to look at the details of the scenes, the audio, his famous dubbing with renowned artists such as Seth Green (Family Guy), Martin Sheen (The West Wing, Apocalypse Now), and so many others, it's hard not to feel a certain nostalgia with all of them.

The game remains true to its original story and has improved its gameplay and experience for fans. And this is very noticeable if you've played all the titles and just want to play around with each game a little bit to realize these advances.

A lack that may make for some players is the multiplayer version of Mass Effect 3, but nothing that in the future cannot be remedied and even if it doesn't, the Legendary Edition remains fabulous.

Even if you don't have a 4K technology to play, don't worry, because the details and effects of the scenarios are just an update of the original and end up totally pleasing even that most hardcore gamer with details perfection.

Another aspect that remains, is that unfortunately the developer did not bring the game with subtitles in Portuguese, which can end up making it a little difficult for those who do not understand English. Here's a tip for the producers!

Tips for beginners (if you've never played Mass Effect before)

  • Mass Effect offers a unique combination of action and role-playing. If you take the time to talk to your crewmates, you'll find that building those relationships and developing Shepard's personality can impact your gaming opportunities.
  • If you're having trouble with a combat scenario, consider which squadmates you're bringing with Shepard. Make sure everyone is properly leveled and equipped with the best equipment. Don't forget your ability to direct the actions of your teammates.
  • In the first Mass Effect, the weapons use a cooling system and ammo collection is not necessary. Mass Effect 2 introduces a reload button and requires players to find and use thermal clips. Weapon cooling management is no longer considered.

Tips for old players (for those who are coming back to save the galaxy once again)

  • If you're looking for specific DLC content, please understand that many of that content is now integrated into the experience more organically, rather than becoming available immediately after purchase as originally.
  • In Mass Effect, weapons can now be used in all classes without any penalty, although specialized training for these weapons is still class specific.
  • The Galactic Readiness scale has been rebalanced and is now uniquely influenced by the content you complete throughout the trilogy. If you jump straight to Mass Effect 3, will need to complete most of the available content if you want an ending that saves more lives.


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