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Review | Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a game with elements of RPG, survival and resource management, which certainly appeals to fans of the genre.

Medieval Dynasty is a game that does not draw much attention by its name, but that certainly ends up becoming striking for those who go beyond the title and find within its narrative a game that mixes RPG, survival and so many other elements that are so successful in the gamer universe.

The game follows the line of crafting, where we must collect resources to create various objects and buildings, in addition to taking care of their animals and crops, following the line of evolution until creating their own Dynasty.

As the title says, the game is set in the Medieval era and the player will play the role of a farmer who needs to survive the weather of the time at all costs and who follow the pattern of this genre, where he must manage everything he has managed to harvest until the city .

Medieval Dynasty it is played in first person and is totally immersive within this medieval style, where dialogues with residents are limited to only texts, which may end up hurting some, but for others it is the best way for you to really understand what is happening .

The game's graphics are good for the style, almost faithfully translating the title's ambiance, with houses and the nature of the period, leaving virtually no FPS drop during our test.

In terms of gameplay, the title is very simple and easy to be played by any user style. For the time being in the combat part, Medieval Dynasty it only features the use of the bow and arrow and swords and other period weapons should be added in the future.

Another interesting part of the game is that it reminds us a little of the mechanics of The Sims, since we can create a relationship reaching marriage and children. And the difference with The Sims where we invite people to visit our home, in Medieval Dynasty we call villagers to live in our village, according to their abilities.

In general, Medieval Dynasty is a great game to pass the time and create a different immersion with a game, where in addition to hunting and defending against predatory animals, the player must create a whole life out of nothing and reach a Dynasty, or die trying.

Thunder Wave note
Medieval Dynasty is a game with elements of RPG, survival and resource management, which certainly appeals to fans of the genre.

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