Coming March 7 for Android and IOS, MuzArcade is a mobile game that uses puzzles and action mini games – all with goals focused on musical lyrics.

The player can choose the type of playlist or use ambient music, from which the function recognizes and starts playing. From this choice, is possible to select the desired game and complete the challenge – always having to complete the lyrics of the song. At each level a new stretch appears, becoming slightly more difficult. If the player is able to finish all the words before the time or plays ends, he is the winner of the challenge.

Selecting Playslists | Image: Music Powered Games

Taking a short delay in loading, which lasted about 10 seconds on an android phone with 2 GB of RAM and a Quad-Core 2GHz processor, the game presents no problem. Some game modes require the installation of packages, downloads with 24 MB that do not take long to complete.

Among the game modes we have:


Song Cipher

MuzArcade Song Cipher | Image: Music Powered Games

Through an anagrams scheme, the player needs to find the words by joining the letters and fits them into the correct part of the letter.

Song Solitaire

MuzArcade Song Solitarie | Image: Music Powered Games

Like in the card game, this challenge consists of fitting them with words of the musical letter in their respective space. To do this, in addition to knowing the letter you have to wait to release new letters with new words when using the options open. You can also move existing cards to form a phrase faster.

Song Ball

MuzArcade Song Ball | Image: Music Powered Games

The classic game of throwing colorful balls that fall as they form a line of the same color already had several versions. Here, the gameplay follows the basics, however the ultimate goal is to unravel the musical phrase that appears missing several letters at the top of the screen. To do this, you need to eliminate the marbles to reveal letters and the sooner you can complete the sentence, the higher your score will be.

Song Jeez

MuzArcade Song Jeez | Image: Music Powered Games

Have you played too much Candy Crush in your life? This challenge follows the same pattern, you need to join rows of pieces of the same color to release letters from the musical phrase that needs to be unraveled. Just like the previous puzzle, the goal is to complete the sentences and the pieces are meant to release new letters.


Stream Quizzer

MuzArcade Stream Quizzer | Image: Music Powered Games

This game is simply a Quizz, but it is for some reason in the action part. With three word options, you have to choose which one fits the right moment of the sentence.

Stream Flapper

MuzArcade Stream Flapper | Image: Music Powered Games

In this mode you must guide the character by the correct words of the letter, of course, in the right order. With the option of playing music in the background, it is possible to increase the score when arriving at the word at the exact moment it appears in the music.

Stream Snaker

MuzArcade Stream Snaker | Imagem: Music Powered Games

Just like its predecessors, the difference is that the player needs to be guided by the screen according to the lyrics of the song.

Stream Blaster

MuzArcade Stream Blaster | Image: Music Powered Games

Following another classic with Shoot ’em Up style, in this challenge you need to control the navy and shoot or capture the lyrics of the song in the correct order.

All of these modes have the option to share your progress on social networks and link the game to them to play against friends. The gameplay is quick and handy, as are the original arcades where there are some levels of challenge until you get lost for some reason and you have to start from scratch.

By using classic and simple games, MuzArcade is very good. It’s an interesting junction, challenges that have conquered generations, with the addition of following the chosen songs. It’s a lightweight game to have on your phone and resort to it in stressful times or to pass time.


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