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Review | Per Aspera

Do you miss the games in which you had to build your civilization from scratch? Those very simple games in the style Age of Empire and even SimCity, with its cheerful, fun look and more than addictive gameplay.

Well, how about playing Per Aspera? The game may seem simple, but it is not. Even so, he is as rich as these older ones, but with a spatial theme and with serious consequences, if his choices are wrong. If building a civilization already brought certain problems, now imagine a planet?

Per Aspera

But what does Per Aspera mean? The name comes from Latin and means through difficulties. And surely humanity will colonize another planet and will be filled with these difficulties, elevated to the extreme.

In the game the player controls an artificial intelligence that must terraform Mars for the arrival to humanity, that is, let the red planet be as close as possible to Earth. It sounds simple, but this is just the written objective. The challenge itself is much more complicated than it looks.

The great “catch” of this game from Raw Fury, is having to control a machine as if it were a human being, at the same time that the player has to be efficient as a computer. Confused? Welcome to Per Aspera!


Throughout history, players must organize a whole line of work, in search of ores to manufacture and continue to keep the entire system running.

Like any simulation game, knowing how to keep everything well coordinated and controlled is not easy. There is no point in sending your rover to fetch ore like crazy, as its energy will end and if this happens, chaos like falling dominoes will happen for sure.

A point that differs Per Aspera from other titles of the genre, is that everything that is controlled, are machines, therefore they have their own programming, and for that reason one must pay attention to what they are doing, because for the player it can even it is logical to go in search or build something, but for the initial programming of one of these machines it is not.


Yes! Per Aspera is not just a simulator. It goes further, bringing questions about what a living being is, that is, what makes us “alive”. What is our purpose in the universe and so many other questions. It may even seem trivial because the quick and easy answer is to say that we think and execute everything for our freedom of choice. It will be? How many times are we not automatons on a manufacturing line just "executing" commands that were taught to us by a superior?

Now compare this with the game and you will have a completely different view of what Per Aspera really wants to pass on to you!

Thunder Wave note
Per Aspera is a simulator that takes the player to Mars to terraform the planet. Its difference is in the philosophical questions that the title brings, about what is life and our importance in the universe, even though it is a machine.

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