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Explorers Asked is a fascinating game aimed at all ages and could well be used by teachers in schools.


I confess that Questioned it's not my style of play. But when picking up Explorers Asked, I realized how ridiculous it was always not to play, after all I was always a passionate fan of TV quiz shows, especially classics like Cidade vs Cidade, Passa ou Repass or the international ones.

Therefore, play the title of Ethermax it was more than fun. The new version for Android and iOS that arrives today for mobile is sensational. Simple, with music that doesn't get tired and the famous questions that you will always want to answer and never stop.

The story

Yes, Explorers Asked own one! The character Milly, longtime enemy of roulette Willy, is spreading his antics throughout the game and it will be up to the player to help restore order, although Milly always finds new ways to unleash chaos. With each new map, different stories and challenges come to the game, as big and powerful animals make the difficulty even greater.


Nothing complicated. Just run the roulette wheel and answer the questions that appear on the screen, ranging from pop knowledge, such as movies, games, series, singers to science. At some points the player will be challenged to answer 3 consecutive questions without error, at others to 4. The challenge is progressive and the questions are the same.

What makes this type of game totally appealing is not just the simple look, but that unlike others, here you are challenging yourself. Titles like Pokémon Go, Fortnite, PUBG, Hay Day, among others aimed at mobile, can be good to play, but the challenge is always Artificial Intelligence or other players.

In Asked Explorers, the 'battle' is against your knowledge. There's no way to make excuses that you have weaker weapons or that your internet is having problems, because here you know it, or you don't know.

This is one of the main reasons that this title should be played even in schools, as a fun way for students and teachers to increase their knowledge. Don't know a History answer? Well then, let's do some research and find out more about the subject.

Didn't you understand that Geography answer? How about a recap just at this point in the article? Use and abuse your creativity with a game that gives you all this range of options.

Explorers Asked is available in six languages, including Portuguese, and combines fun trivia with beautiful surroundings. It is a learning and exploration adventure in which players need to correctly answer questions from six areas of knowledge (Arts, Science, Sport, Entertainment, Geography and History), in the shortest time possible, to complete challenges with varied mechanics and unlock new worlds.



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