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Review | Riders Republic

blic is fun, great looking, simple controls, and it appeals to all styles of players.

Welcome Riders! Mainly to players who are fans of sports of the most diverse outdoor and extreme models. But if it's not a radical, no problem, because it doesn't Riders Republic, there is space for everyone.

About the game

Riders Republic is a sports game developed by Ubisoft Annecy and published by Ubisoft. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and released on October 28, 2021.


If you're one of the old-timers and haven't played a game of extreme games for a long time, well, now is your time. This style with several modalities is nothing new. Just remember the classic California Games from 1987, father of any current title with several sports such as BMX, Surfing, Skating, among others.

So if you stopped at Master System, it's time to return. But if it's not and continued or is the new generation, it's time to take control and venture into the most iconic sports in the world.

In Riders Republic, you can start a New Game or Zen. The second is for those who like to play sports, but live the adventure while enjoying nature. It will give you the same stars, you will be able to travel from one place to another, but in a non-competitive way. Without a doubt, a full plate for those who want to learn how to play the title or just spend a few hours “living nature”.

It is worth noting that all landscapes and competition venues are based on reality.

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How about a Hulk version?

Now if you prefer the New Game, you will be directed to create your avatar. As in any game, no matter the style, you can make your standard male or female model, skin color, hair, etc.

From then on, just make the character of your choice and you will be directed to the game. If you prefer to go from here, don't worry, the game will teach you in a better way, even than in Zen mode, how to control your player.

During the game you will be able to adventure through multiplayer, social, exploration, among others, besides being able to customize your “toys” for a better performance.


This is without a doubt one of the best components of the game. the look of Riders Republic is more than beautiful and Ubisoft is to be congratulated. Since the trailer we could already check a little of what would be and different from what happens, even with a PC with a minimal configuration, it will still have all the details of the game.

We play our version on Dell Alienware M15 R6 notebook, with 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H processor, 16 RAM and already with Windows 11. It can be safely said that the game was the heights.

Returning to the game, all the brightness, shadows and textures left nothing to be desired, no matter if your note has a minimum or maximum setting. As well as the soundtrack that is exciting and the narration that is expected. The voices are in English, but you can read everything in Portuguese.


Riders Republic it already informs you from the beginning that it is preferable to play with a controller to have a better performance. Anyway you can play quietly with the keyboard. The commands are simple and you don't need to be decorating “Fs” of life and sticking stickers to know which key does what.

No matter what game you play, it's always the basics and no matter if you're a veteran or a novice player, you'll have fun just the same, which is what matters. another really nice aspect, again, is having a mode that you can just walk through the landscapes and get to know more of the map and improve its attributes.

Now, when it comes to competitions, it's when the animal catches! There is one with so many people on the screen, that it looks like it's at the start of São Silvestre or any other marathon with so many legs, arms, metals and mess that your screen becomes, but in a positive way.

Competitions are rewarding and even easy, as Artificial Intelligence tells you where you should do tricks to earn points. For older gamers, this is even a boring system, as the colors tell you where to go, where to make the simplest maneuver the most complex in more than obvious places.

It is more than logical that the checkpoint is done by passing between two flags! But this is the current system and anyway it doesn't hurt at all.

Worth it?

There's always the claim that if this isn't a style of play you don't like, you better stay away. But if you like extreme sports, it's the title to have in your library. Well then! Let's get to the facts.

Games are games and if it's good, it will appeal to any audience. Having a good challenge, a theme that helps, is simple in a way that brings more fun than the other way around, the title will suit everyone.

Of course not those who are not into sports at all will want to stay away. But anyway, at some point in your gaming life, you've played something like this and liked it or hated it.

Riders Republic it is a title that will please everyone. One, because it's not a simulator and it draws more towards the arcade side of matches. You can hit the sides, fall and accelerate without a problem. You also don't need to be a specialist in bikes, engines, aerodynamics, etc. to always win.

Therefore, the game becomes fun and a great choice for all audiences. You can play solo, with friends, family, in other words, it's a game for everyone and it doesn't matter if you're an expert or just someone who wants to play once in a while.

So the answer is yes, it's worth it. Riders Republic it's fun, great looking, simple controls, and it appeals to all styles of players.

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blic is fun, great looking, simple controls, and it appeals to all styles of players.

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Review | Riders Republicblic is fun, great looking, simple controls, and it appeals to all styles of players.
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