People don't tend to trust the undead. What do the players say? resident Evil, tabletop RPGs and more. Those who formerly lived are seen as monstrous abominations rather than remaining spirits of those who were with us once and tend to be treated accordingly.

The city of aftervale it is somewhat close to the world of the living, making it a prime location to invade the neighboring kingdom. Fortunately, this doesn't happen often, and in the years between one attack and the next, the afterlife moves along happily, free from the stress necessary to keep a living, aging body functioning.

skully is a relatively new addition to Aftervale and has settled down peacefully, but there is one important task to be accomplished before continuing on for the rest of eternity and regaining the memory of who he was before he became embroiled in his current skeletal afterlife existence. Death temporarily limits memory, giving the newly deceased the chance to settle in without the burden of those who weighed them down and a ceremony called The Rememberance restores the past when they are ready. After being told he was a warrior, Skully enters a tutorial crypt to get a sword, but in return he finds his new home decimated and mentor kidnapped. The humans made another attack and Skully has a good idea how to fight back.

Gameplay: Electrosphere Project

skeleton is a hand-animated 2D action platformer, and while Skully is a warrior with a heavy sword, most of the action comes from jumping and jumping and avoiding all the jagged bits. Enemy warriors, archers, and magic users are not common, but traps and other environmental hazards are all around and far more dangerous than any enemy.

Skully has a health bar, which grows along the journey when he finds or buys bone broth, but the most common kill is an instant kill from a landing hit, grazing or just plain funny on the jagged crystal outcrops that are Skelattack.

The main character has good speed when he moves, but there are many areas where this is more of a hindrance than a help. So you need to keep an eye out as spikes are everywhere and blend in with level art, no glare or other graphical gimmicks to make them pop. It becomes easier to see them after the first two kills, except when Skelattack hides them behind foreground objects such as ivy.

If this sounds like an easy game to stop anger, I won't argue, but there's a lot to love there too. The animation and characters are great, and I particularly love the interaction between Skelly and her best friend/bat Imber. The two are a great team and a lot of fun to follow, and Imber even has a few play areas to fly around. The supporting cast is also well done, with a good number of animated characters from the beginning of the story.

The developers were also careful to put together a fascinating narrative, and the revelations and final events manage to trigger the rare trick of being dramatic without melodrama. Or not containing an undesirable amount, at least.

Skelattack may seem like a game that will make you nervous, but in reality it becomes relaxing and enjoyable to play. It's a game that pays homage to the classic arcade chips, with a beautiful animation, soundtrack and challenge. And Konami has shown that it still knows how to make games for all tastes!

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review-skelattackSkelattack pays homage to the classic arcade chipbreakers very well, with beautiful animation, soundtrack and challenge.


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