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Sky Racket it's the first Shmup Breaker the world, mixing the classic genres of shoot ‘em ups and block breakers. The objective of the game is very simple: blow the bullets back to the bad guys while flying over extravagant worlds full of frightening and vivid colors.

If you do not know the terms shoot ‘em ups and block breakers, follows a very quick explanation. Shoot ‘em up is a subgenre of electronic shooting games. On a shoot ‘em up, the player's character engages in a solitary attack, often in a spaceship or aircraft, shooting at a large number of enemies and avoiding their attacks.

Devil Engine

There are several games in this category such as side scrolling (from right to left) as Devil Engine, to the classics of arcades how Raiden, 19xx among others.

Raiden 2, as well as 1942, 19xx, among others, apresentavam uma visão de “de baixo para cima” em seus combates.

The block breakers, are simpler. As the name says, break the blocks. There are several games of this style, mainly on mobile.

Sky Racket is a game that mixes these two styles very well. Developed by the Brazilian Double Dash Studios, the game presents a view from right to left and in 2D with some 3D elements, the game is simple where you can play with the RacketBoy or RacketGril and face several opponents that appear on the screen and destroy the blocks.


Grab your laser tennis racket, a stylish scarf and your best friends to face a horde of cute enemies trying to blow you back to the ground.

Play as RacketBoy or RacketGirl, guardiões escolhidos pela Deusa da Capivara para salvar sua galáxia das patas de um gênio destrutivo do tirano, Korrg! Incapaz de atacar sozinho, você deve atacar os ataques dos inimigos, transformando o campo de batalha em uma explosiva batalha de tênis espacial. Chova a devastação do tênis em hordas de patos, sanduíches de gatos, coelhos fofos, robôs espaciais de tênis e BANANAS reais nesta aventura única e totalmente realista para salvar a galáxia!


There is no secret in the game. The characters go up and down, right and left, while using their rackets to finish off enemies.

Por sinal, os inimigos são bem fáceis de serem destruídos, diferente dos chefões, que conseguem ser mais “cascas grossas”, como em qualquer game do gênero shoot ‘em up. Here the big challenge is to have patience to dodge the rays and hit the ball back on the big boss.

The challenges are growing and each screen and Sky Racket becomes more interesting and exciting, less your soundtrack. Unfortunately the game lacks a track that you can't even notice exists, but nothing that gets in the way of the fun.

Sky Racket is a fun game to spend good hours in front of the screen in challenges that will make you test your patience and reflexes.



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