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Review | The Quarry

The Quarry ends up being more than a game and a movie, mixing the elements so well known by fans of the slash style and literally putting the control in the player's hands.

The Quarry shows a group of nine teenagers trapped in Hackett Quarry on the last day of summer camp. With a great cast of Hollywood Horror stars and legends, including David Arquette (franchise Panic), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Justice Smith (Jurassic World), Brenda Song (dollface), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Lin Shaye (franchise Supernatural), Ted Raimi (Creepshow) and more, players control each of the camp's nine counselors in this cinematic thriller, where every decision changes your story in a vast web of possibilities. Any character can be the star of the show – or die before daylight comes.

With this premise, The Quarry could very well be more of a slash horror movie like Friday 13 or anything else that has a youth camp theme. And if it were, surely this would be just another movie in search of becoming the new Scream.

But The Quarry is a game, which finally brings fans of the genre a good dose of fun. There are games with a camp theme, but they are survival games like Dead by Daylight, which has the objective of escaping a murderer in a very sinister place. This, by the way, is a very fun game and horror fans end up "delighting" playing as one of the murderers or even the victims.

Is The Quarry a game or movie?

It can be said that he is both. Its well-crafted plot even has actors used to the genre, as in the case of David Arquette. Furthermore, The Quarry still has several actors of caliber to complete the cast, so there is no lack of excellent performances. But, they are not really in the flesh, but in a capture format that reminds a little of some games in the franchise. The Walking Dead and others from Telltale.

The game follows the rule of calls quick-time events (fast action events) or QTEs. For those who don't know, it's when something appears on the screen and an action needs to be done. This is nothing new and many games from the last century already had this style of play.

The Quarry has the need to be in this style, even though many compare it to other games from Supermassive Games, creator of the title, such as Until Dawn. It is worth noting that Until Dawn is also a horror game and it is more than normal for companies to end up specializing in a style, as happened with Telltale itself, SNK with your fighting games, etc.

This is not bad, on the contrary. But The Quarry it's not Until Dawn. Like this Bloodborne is not Demon's Soul or Dark Souls, even if it was created by the same person. They are all games with a life and “soul” of their own. So when playing The Quarry, think of it with its own content and life of its own.


As stated above, The Quarry follows the pattern of QTEs. And they show up all the time. At a certain point this is excellent as it keeps the player aware of events and not just watching a movie. In addition to keeping the player attentive, it transforms the title into something more immersive.

it makes The Quarry interesting with all the suspense, as getting the QTEs wrong will impact the game's narrative. And what can that entail? It's very simple and logical: if you make a lot of mistakes, your survival will surely reach zero!

So it's good to be more than attentive to events. Not always an explanation video is just that and will require the player to do something like dodge a branch. It may seem simple – and it's meant to be – but it won't always be that way. In certain moments the player will only have to press a button, but holding his breath is something more complicated.

In addition to the physical part, The Quarry also requires attention to detail in the settings. It is possible to interact at some points to find clues, tarot cards and evidence. Stay – again – attend to your surroundings.

Tarot cards are a fun part, as between each chapter, players will be able to check out some happenings from the future. So it's something that will be a positive spoiler as it helps avoid what's to come.


The graphics part has some problems, but nothing that bothers. And this should be fixed for sure with future updates. The game we received was for the PC version and at certain times the title had some voice sync issues and excessive darkness. But nothing that hampered the game.

The graphics are generally above average. The captures of the actors are excellent, as is the design of the sets. The way the game is presented follows the movie pattern. Everything was well thought out, as was the use of cameras.

Worth it?

The Quarry is a game that will appeal to all fans of the slash horror genre as well as gamers who like the style. It is a title that may not have the tone of scares that many expect, mainly because they are already used to the theme and already know when something will happen. But that doesn't take away from the dose of great suspense and deaths that make The Quarry one of the best horror games today.

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The Quarry ends up being more than a game and a movie, mixing the elements so well known by fans of the slash style and literally putting the control in the player's hands.

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Review | The QuarryThe Quarry ends up being more than a game and a movie, mixing the elements so well known by fans of the slash style and literally putting the control in the player's hands.
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