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Review | The Signifier Director's Cut


style games point-and-click they are famous for their unique style, especially when geared towards investigation. Going out looking in all corners of a room looking for clues, can be something interesting and sometimes drive the player crazy and leave clicking on anything that comes your way.

Anyway, games like The Signifier give a different treatment to this style of play, as it goes beyond looking for clues. The player must, above all, pay attention to every detail, stop, think and filter what is in front of him.

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The Signifier it has this special treatment as it is an engaging story that literally enters people's minds. The title is a mysterious sci-fi noir adventure focused on the story. Exploring the real world and entering the unconscious realms of the victim's mind, the player must use technology to find clues and solve puzzles, unraveling layers of dialogue to uncover the truth.

It can be said that it is a game for true fans of psychological themes that involve the mind. Not the horror part, but how our brain works. At some points we are totally absorbed by the plot and end up getting in the way of our own investigation, as we don't believe what we're seeing.

In others, the truth is so stamped on the player that it turns out to be incongruous, as none of it really makes sense. But when you stop to breathe, you'll remember that you're inside someone else's memories.

For this reason, when Raw Fury announced that it would be releasing a director's version of the game, many of the genre's fans began to wonder what could have been taken from this already near-perfect game?

Definite version!

The Signifier Director's Cut is a DLC that goes beyond content to present new content or just improvements to your graphics engine. It brings many more interactions, being able to better explore memories and unravel the causes of death of the person the player is investigating.

Here, the player will look since childhood, going through the relationships she had, in addition to her traumas and shames that end up closing as defense mechanisms against the player.

Another key issue in playing the director's version is bringing new endings to your storyline! Exactly! The game will give the player much more information and new puzzles to be solved. The interaction with this version is more than just adding content, it becomes practically The Definitive Version.

The Signifier Director's Cut it continues with its distorted reality and bringing real human behavior into a game, expanding its immersion and creating much more tension than its normal version.

It's definitely a game to be played, whether you already have the normal version or haven't played it. So, get it soon and enjoy a game that will surely take you beyond what you imagine.


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