Fun! For sure The Sims 4 Snow Fun can be defined with this word. In times of social confinement, the title of AND THE it is a joy and a way for fans of the game to be able to carry out various social activities and spend a good time on the screen of their PC or console.

Snow Fun

In The Sims 4 Snow Fun, players will be taken quickly to the world of Mount Komorebi, a Japanese-inspired destination for Sims looking for an escape from their everyday lives or a new dream home. After climbing the mountain slopes for skiing, Sims can find time to relax in the onsen bathroom, enjoy a hot hot pot around the kotatsu table, or take a walk through the mystical bamboo forests. 

In addition, the expansion pack features Lifestyle and Feeling features to increase the depth of Sims' relationships and personality. Lifestyle will manifest itself in new ways, responding to Sims 'actions and habits and changing their behaviors as they reflect Sims' experiences. Feeling has a lasting impact on Sims' relationships and social interactions, as they may feel differently about the outcome of a shared action.

The game

One of the best features of this new title is feelings. The game ends up going much deeper into relationships, especially if you choose to have a partner and build a family.

Seeing your character go through various emotional phases like in real life, is something interesting and even terrifying, because The Sims ends up showing you social aspects that you hadn't stopped to think about.

Having hours to have social relationships, to talk about, have fun, among so many choices, presents us with a real world we ended up letting go and we can't understand why we are so unmotivated, sad and even irritated by something that could be that dirt in the sink that someone, or even you, hasn't cleaned.

The look of the game remains clean and beautiful, with fluid gameplay and no choking on interactions.

Even so, you can still have a nice laugh during these chats with other characters, where we often click on one of them for a certain conversation and they leave while our Sim stands there talking and laughing with nothing.

The theme based on Japanese culture was also a beautiful choice and shows how much the game still has to grow. You can already imagine several other cities, parks and themes that The Sims can still embrace.

One of them, until the tip, is a “Life in the Motorhome”. This would be an interesting game for us to visit several of the games already launched by the company and join in a fascinating way with Sustainable Living.

The Sims 4 Snow Fun may seem to be more of the same, but it isn't. It expands the entire franchise and brings together the best that the Sim universe has to offer!

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review-the-sims-4-fun-in-the-snowThe Sims 4 Fun in the Snow expands the entire franchise and brings together what the Sim universe has to offer, with new game styles and a little of Japanese culture.


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