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Review | The Sims 4 Supernatural Object Collection


Ready for many scares? Well, you can not take any, but it is guaranteed that your character will really stand up straight, run, scream and hide under the covers with this new package launched by AND THE.

The Sims 4 Supernatural Object Collection brings 37 new items where many of them are based on the 1970s and very much resemble the characters in the animation Scooby Doo. In addition, it also includes 6 very interesting styles for fans of the Sims.

Like all The Sims games, this new collection is filled with different shapes so that you can build your home, create your character and mainly become a Paranormal Investigator. That's right, in addition to the other professions, there is now a license for Paranormal Investigation.

The game

To get you in the mood, it is no use just choosing the city and a house. You need to select the option "haunted house" in construction mode, otherwise your residence will not be cursed by ghosts and other beings from the other world. In this way, in addition to being able to do many mediumistic sessions, you can check the lights turning off and on, green ghosts flying, to Ossilda and also making astral trips.

This part of astral travel is comical, as you can “get in” and own objects from your home. With the development of your character, starting at level 5, you will meet Guinho, who is the ghost who will grant you paranormal license and protect your residence from the evil attack of other supernatural entities.


This version was played on the notebook LUNAR model ship, with 8 GB of RAM, being a Core i5 with Geoforce GTX card. The game installed without any problem and the development of the story was also smooth. One of the highlights of playing on a notebook with graphics quality is to be able to check all the details of The Sims, such as the face, the house, the ghosts and so many things that end up being lost in a note with less quality.

The game did not present any bugs, not even those old ones that the fans liked a lot, like “killing” your character stuck behind the sofa, because he couldn't get out of his back, or drowned because there was no ladder in the pool. Bugs that never got in the way, because they were fun ... Imagine any of these becoming a ghost? It would be fantastic, especially now with the arrival of Valentine's Day in the USA. A real Macabre Valentine's Day, here's the tip!

Worth it?

The Sims 4 Supernatural Object Collection it is one of those packages that are worth having, as it is not just one or the other object. It is complete in challenge, utensils, expressions and many other things that just playing to be able to see the news.



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