In an exclusive press exhibition, we watched 15 minutes of Rocketman, feature film that shows the career of Elton John -and the result is very positive.

Starting with a statement by the singer himself, who approves the performance of the protagonist Taron Egerton, the production demonstrates quality and promises to fully explore the life of the icon Elton John, from before his career to the difficulties he faced along the way.

Fearlessly showing the more “dark” side of the star's career, the feature invests heavily in a narrative about what he was like before becoming the flashy person who became known worldwide, in addition to seeming to fully explore the vices and dilemmas he suffered.

From what has been shown, Rocketman it seems to tell everything that the fans want to see, going beyond performances and remarkable moments that the public already knows, even having some well-known presentations, it is a more biographical than nostalgic work.

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The film follows the musical style, mixing moments that explain events in the form of performances, but it seems to invest little on that side and carries on sentimental and less flashy moments.

Taron Egerton proved to be a great choice, performing very well in both the most emotional and musical moments.

Rocketman | Cenas apresentam um filme muito promissor 1
Taron Egerton in Rocketman | Image: Paramount Pictures

Rocketman proved to be very promising, a feature film that will present the fan everything he hoped for, with a mixed and very interesting narrative.

Rocketman opens May 6 in Brazilian cinemas.


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