Thursday, 21, October, 2021

Rodrigo Hilbert stars in Kitano's documentary on the cultivation of spices

The start of the Kitano intern's journey, Rodrigo Hilbert, begins with your arrival at the farm to check the origin of the herbs and spices. From then on, the apprentice knows the art of cultivating the brand's natural 100% ingredients, understanding the process of transforming them into seasoning.

After the learning journey, the intern becomes an expert in herbs and spices to create tasty dishes. The first video of the trilogy, Earth, is already available on the channel. Kitano's Youtube.

Lasting about 3 minutes, the initial episode of Kitano's advertising campaign reinforces the message that in the field of seasoning there will always be room for new knowledge, whoever it is: “Living is learning. And this has everything to do with food, because the desire to learn is also a kind of hunger”, narrates Hilbert in his first words in the video.

Upon arrival at the farm, Rodrigo receives the intern's badge to start his journey. In the countryside, he discovers and marvels at the natural beauty of herbs and spices, and learns that the place where the plant concentrates most of its aroma is in the sepals, part of the flower that supports the petals.

With hoe in hand, the intern is advised not to cut the rhizome to remove the plant. Yes, it's called a rhizome, not a root, the underground stem in the crop that will become the saffron spice of the earth. After the day's work, night comes, time to light a fire to prepare corn seasoned with oregano: Shall we season it?

Told in three episodes, the documentary series of the campaign “Rodrigo, the intern” addresses in an entertaining and instructive way the willingness of a novice to discover the universe of magic and enchantment in the production process of seasoning, from the removal of the herb in the garden to the preparation in the kitchen. The videos “Armazém” and “Creativity” are the next to the action that have the presenter and cook as protagonists. The activations are part of the “Vamos Temperar” platform, created in 2019, in partnership with the Mestiça agency.

“We chose Rodrigo for the campaign because he has a strong identification with the general public, reaching the entire Brazilian family. Like Kitano, Rodrigo is a reference when talking about an affectionate kitchen. We didn't have a more perfect match for us at that time”, says Géssica Sponchiado, marketing manager at Kitano, General Mills' natural spices and spices brand.

The General Mills brand action debuted with the revelation of the new intern by the vice president of General Mills, Waldemar Thiago Junior, and publications on social networks in Kitano. With the new campaign, the leading natural seasoning company in Brazil wants to get closer to the public, demystifying the origin of such miraculous flavors, in addition to reinforcing all the naturalness of the products, and being increasingly transparent with its consumers.

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