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SAGA launches courses for different areas of activity in the digital art market

Student can subscribe to a course and add others to the package, or choose a personalized learning path specific to their learning interest or specialization.


Learning digital art at SAGA has never been easier. Now, about to turn twenty, the largest gaming and digital art school network in Brazil also offers subscription courses and personalized learning trails to meet specific student interests. In other words, the traditional Start 5.0, a complete learning program for a digital artist career with nine courses and 27 months in length, can be signed in full or per course, each lasting three months. It is also possible to add new courses as they learn or, if the student prefers, they can choose a personalized learning path only with courses referring to the specific area of their learning interest or specialization.

“Now, the student is at the center and in charge of their learning journey. He chooses which and how many courses he wants to take online from those available in the Start 5.0 program”, says Alessandro Bomfim, founder and CEO of SAGA. According to him, contracts are signed digitally and, if the student wants to continue training, he just needs to update his subscription plan with new courses.

The new formats are part of SAGA's digital transformation process, which began at the end of 2020, when the school expanded its courses to the online environment targeting students from all over Brazil. “With the expansion to digital, we have seen a change in the profile of our audience, basically formed by students between 11 and 17 years old. People aged 30 or over, already in the market and who did not have time to study in person, started looking for us, mainly interested in courses to specialize in the areas in which they were already working”, explains Felipe Santos, executive director of SAGA.

Jefferson Maurelli, also executive director, says that, over its 20 years, SAGA has realized the need for students to update themselves in relation to new software, technologies or even new features in the tools already studied. “With this new model, we were able to create new courses with the same agility as the market and help students to keep up-to-date and connected with the creative community”, explains Maurelli, stressing that SAGA is now also a major producer of content focused on the CG.

Start 5.0 offers nine courses that take the student from scratch to a broad, up-to-date view of digital art, passing through the concepts of creation and application in a journey that teaches vector art, image composition, digital painting, visual effects and motion graphics to videos, audiovisual editing, 3D scenarios, 3D characters, 3D animation and immersive technologies. Each topic can be studied separately by subscription plans or learning trails.

In addition to individual courses, it is possible to hire a learning path. To do this, just go to a SAGA unit, talk about the area of expertise and segment within the digital art market that you are interested in learning or deepening. Once this is done, a school advisor analyzes the possibilities and presents the personalized learning path with the package of modules that best suits them.

SAGA Learning Guarantee

Students enrolled with one-year or two-year subscription plans can retake one or two courses, respectively, if they feel they have more to learn and can improve their skills. “SAGA wants to turn the student's dream into reality. This is one of the school's commitments to increasingly take the student to the podium of professional success”, says Bomfim. More information about the SAGA school's learning guarantee is available at site .

Games development course and free workshops

In addition to offering the complete learning program Start 5.0 in physical units and online, and subscription plans and learning tracks in digital, SAGA also offers Playgame 6.0, a complete twelve-month game development course that can also be done both online. line and in person. In its 16 units, in eight Brazilian states, SAGA also offers free workshops on games, 2D animation and Photoshop.

More information about SAGA and its courses is available at site.



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