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SAGA launches Playgame 6.0, complete and updated game creation course

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The SAGA, a network of games and digital art schools in Brazil, has just launched the Playgame 6.0, complete and updated course in game creation. Pioneer among free game development courses in Brazil, the new Playgame it takes the lead once again and introduces a learning journey similar to the process of creating a game in the studios, which makes it even easier for its students to enter the job market.

Divided into five levels and lasting one year, the Playgame 6.0 is available at 16 SAGA locations in eight states for in-person or online classes with live classes. The teaser of the Playgame 6.0 release announcement can be seen below.

Second Alessandro Bomfim, co-founder and CEO of SAGA, the Playgame update is in line with the school's philosophy pillars. “The student's dream is our reality, and if the desire is to learn how to create games and work with it, nothing is more natural than updating our contents and dynamics to help them in this conquest of knowledge and profession”.

“The previous version of Playgame had a structure focused on the artistic development of a game. Now, in Playgame 6.0, we've added a developer perspective to the learning journey. That is, the course follows the same professional process of creating a game and the student goes through all the stages, from pre-production, production, development and prototyping, playing from conceptual activities, fundamentals and artistic techniques in the main software on the market, to the development and delivery of a playable demo," he explains Igor La Luz, national academic manager of SAGA.

All this content is worked on in one year and divided into five levels: Planning and Pre-Production, which introduces the basics, mechanics and construction of a game vision document; Game Art 2D, which introduces art direction for creating pieces in Adobe PhotoShop, such as scenery and characters; Game Dev 2D, in which the student uses the Unreal Engine to implement the arts and animations in 2D format to deliver a playable prototype; 3D modeling, which covers the entire process of modeling, mapping and texturing and the creation of assets and characters for the game in 3D, and, finally, the Game Dev 3D, module where the student produces a playable demo in a 3D environment, using basic programming logic, configuring and creating mechanics through Blueprints.

In addition to Playgame 6.0 taught in physical units or in the distance mode, SAGA also offers Start 5.0, a complete learning program for the digital artist career with nine courses and 27 months duration that can be signed in full or per course, each with three months, and personalized learning trails with courses referring to the specific area of interest of the student. In its 16 units, in eight Brazilian states, SAGA also offers free workshops on games, 2D animation and Photoshop.

More information about SAGA and its courses is available at site.

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