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Escape Time room turns into a horror horror

“Freakshow - Escape dos Sentidos” is an initiative of the program 89 Freak Show, Escape Time and Editora Draco

In an unprecedented joint initiative, the escape game company Escape Time, the radio program 89 Freak Show and the Publisher Draco are launching the comic book “Freakshow - Escape from the Senses”, which has the plot inspired by a horror-themed escape room.

With script Raphael Fernandesart Daniel Canedo and artwork Omar Viñole, HQ pays homage to the films of the subgenres torture porn, like “Mortal Games” and “The Hostel” in 24 pages of pure agony.

In the story, the guitarist Mário takes the members of his band, Os Baudelaires, to play an escape room and, with that, recover their team spirit very shaken after the last rehearsal. However, what none of them imagine is that this game was developed by a psychopath, who uses people as guinea pigs for his sick experiments involving the limits of the five senses.

HQ will be launched on Comic Con Experience 2018 and can be purchased at Artists' Alley table A32-33. Afterwards, the comic will be available in the main bookstores and specialized stores, on the Publisher Draco, at Escape Time and on Radio 89 FM (directly with broadcaster Dane Taranha).

“Freakshow - Escape dos Sentidos” has 24 pages in black and white, cardboard cover, format 17 x 24 cm and costs only R$ 9.90.

“In order for the reader to experience even more the sensations experienced by the characters, the look of the story adds to the Indian artwork a touch of real elements through photo collages, exposing the distress and disgust of the macabre challenges.”

  • Daniel Canedo

“Our perception of reality is totally based on our senses, but what happens if we are released from these sensory limitations. It was through the villain of the story that I put all this to the test and ended up finding really distressing ways of exposing the sensory system of the characters to the test. I want to drive each of them and the most sensitive readers crazy in the process ”.

  • Raphael Fernandes

“Comics have always been present in my life. When I met Raphael came the desire to join the passion for terror with the universe of comics. Later, Escape inaugurated the Mortal Games room and we saw the opportunity to complete this project ”.

  • Dane Taranha, from 89 Freak Show


Script: Raphael Fernandes

Graphics: Daniel Canedo

Final art: Omar Viñole

ISBN: 978-85-8243-264-8

Genre: horror

Format: 17x24cm

Pages: 24 PB (coated paper, canoe cover in supreme paper)

Year of publication: 2018

Price: R$ 9.90


escape freak

About Editora Draco

Specialized in comics and genre literature, Editora Draco has won several awards for its publications in horror, fantasy, science fiction, humor and crime. Highlight for the cosmic horror trilogy formed by The Yellow King in Comics, The Awakening of Cthulhu in Comics and Demons of Goetia in Comics.

About 89 Freak Show

Radio program created by Dane Taranha and Armando Saullo. Dedicated to fans of horror and the fantastic universe. Every Sunday at 9 pm on Radio 89 FM and in podcast format on the website

About Escape Time

The Escape Time is an entertainment company specializing in immersive escape games - also known as escape rooms - with rooms totally acclimated and inspired by culture geekand pop, bringing the universe of traditional escape games virtual reality.

Present in São Paulo (Brooklin unit), Rio de Janeiro (Botafogo unit) and Belo Horizonte (Savassi unit), in addition to leisure activities, the Escape Time also attends various events, workshops and companies that are interested in transforming their dynamics into unique experiences. The company is also a pioneer in the game on wheels in Brazil with the TruckEscape, a fleet of trucks of different sizes and themes that meet all the needs and styles of events. They are intelligent games and extremely adaptable to places and situations. To learn more about Escape Time, visit:

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