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Start HQ News Samurai Shiro | Darkside book is adapted for audiovisual

Samurai Shiro | Darkside book is adapted for audiovisual

Samurai Shiro, HQ of Danilo Beyruth launched by Darkside Books, will win a film adaptation starring Rhys Meyers (The Tudors).

This is the second national book of the publisher to be transformed into an audiovisual work. In September, Netflix announced the series version of the police book “Bom Dia, Verônica”, by the duo Ilana Casoy and Raphael Montes.

The Beyruth HQ will be poured into the cinema under the direction of Vicente Amorim and the production of Filmland International. The news was published this week in Variety with the international title “Yakuza Princess” and scheduled for release in 2020. Japanese-American singer and actress Masumi is also on the cast.

Samurai Shirô | Livro da editora Darkside é adaptado para o audiovisual 1
Samurai Shirô Cape | Image: Disclosure

- The film adaptation is a funny process because, suddenly, the story that came out of your head turns into moving images. What was a vision of mine passes through the filter not only of the director, Vicente Amorim, but also for the performance of the actors, by the entire team that collaborates with the film and becomes something new. I am very excited about the project and very confident with what I have seen - says Beyruth.

- Usually, adapting comics or literature, the written work is the starting point. With Danilo, because of his mastery over dramatic construction and texture, he already shows us the finish line - praises Amorim.


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