The celebration of 30 years of Sandy & Jr just won a new episode. THE Globoplay announced that in 2020, it will make available a documentary series on the history of the most successful and emblematic duo of pop music in Brazil.

Produced by Gogacine, the exclusive series Globoplay will bring rare images from Sandy & Jr’s personal archive, from early career to tour Our story. In addition to bringing testimonies and unpublished images captured in 2019, the year the duo met after 12 years.

There will be seven episodes that will tell, in a non-linear way, remarkable moments in the life and artistic trajectory of the brothers, with reports from friends, family and professionals who worked with the duo.

The project is part of the celebration of Sandy & Jr's 30 years of musical career and was officially announced at the end of the tour Our story, after a show for 100 thousand people, at Olympic Park, in Rio de Janeiro.


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