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SDCC 2017: 'It Began Without Warning', a mysterious horror short


Short and horror are two words that combine. It Began Without Warning it is a production that knows how to combine these two elements and deliver to the audience the start of a hideous and peculiar plot.

Basically, the short film presents a situation where children are being controlled by a mysterious being who makes them commit some crimes. In a few minutes the production manages to sharpen your curiosity to see the outcome (and explanation) of this story.

We talked to Santiago C. Tapia, which in partnership with Jessica Curtright wrote, co-directed and co-produced this short. We found out that the initial intention was to make a feature film, the short film is a way to draw attention to new members working on the team and therefore the lack of information in the plot, the technique - it works - is to sharpen curiosity so that they have an interest in making it. more.

During the interview, Santiago gave us more details. See the full chat:

Q: Your short does not give a lot of information to the audience. Where did this idea come from?

Santiago: Me and my partner Jéssica love making stories like that. We grew up watching Beyond imagination and works of Hitchcock and we got a taste for putting the audience on a roller coaster of emotions. So we like to do things like that, we call it “what the fuck is this?” and we expect the public to have that reaction. Sometimes we start from the middle of the story and the viewer doesn’t know what’s going on, to take a good turn in events, like, for example, some works by Tarantino.

Q: The ending leaves a gap for continuations, can we expect new productions?

Santiago: Yes, when we started we realized that we can do much more with this plot and there is so much we want to do. We definitely want to transform it into a feature film, so we have several ideas that we are working on at the moment and this is our next step.

Q: It is a peculiar story, made with children. Is it difficult to do something like this?

Santiago: The children were actually wonderful. When working with film, you generally avoid working with animals or children, but we have worked with animals before and we think about using children in this short film. It's a unique idea, something that hasn't been seen yet and working with those kids turned out to be incredible. We started thinking about working with known children, to be more comfortable, children who have grown up watching this type of film. So we found these kids and they were the perfect child actors.

Q: When do you expect to release the sequels?

Santiago: Well, we are trying to recruit the right people for the team. Hopefully we won't be long in launching the next one. We are also working on other horror projects, also short ones, but we are working hard to create this feature.

It Began Without Warning has script, direction and editing of Jessica Curtright and Santiago C. Tapia and executive production of Couper Samuelson (also responsible for executive production of Run!).




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