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During the Warner Bros. Pictures, at San Diego Comic Con 2018, the actor Zachary Levi was invited to go up on stage with the audience, watch the teaser in SHAZAM!, his first feature film as a hero, from DC Comics.

Holding a beer, presented by his newest friend, Jason Momoa, O Aquaman, Levi interacted and it was just praise from the director of the film, David F. Sandberg. “Zach was cast in the first test. He seemed excited about everything and this is very much what we wanted for the project“, said the filmmaker. "He's enthusiastic about everything“, ended a fan question.

"Few characters are so excited about the power they have", started Levi when answering a fan about the size of the responsibility of playing on the big screen, one of the most beloved heroes of the public. "He is like Peter parker [Spider man], who is happy to be able to fly and everything. I could be a real part of me. I dream with this“, concluded the actor.

Many of the questions that were answered by the cast and also by the director, were asked by children, who said they liked the hero. Like this one, which was answered by Zachary about caring for people. "Now more than ever, we need heroes who care about people, like the SHAZAM. Now more than ever, we need heroes to give us hope“.

The actor did not hide the joy of being part of the universe DC Comics and deeply stated that the film is about fulfilling your desires. "Every day when I wake up, I think I'll be able to fly“, he joked and drew smiles from the audience. SHAZAM! has a forecast of debut to on the 4th of April 2019.



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