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Start Series News Segunda temporada de 'Greenleaf' ganha data de estreia na Netflix

Second season of 'Greenleaf' gets Netflix debut date

One of the most incredible series that carry the seal Netflix arrived at the catalog of the streaming at the beginning of that year and promptly, it spread like wildfire, winning fans and admirers. With an engaging plot and unlike anything that has ever been created, Greenleaf was originally produced and broadcast by OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), in the United States.

With its own characteristics, the station of one of the most successful TV presenters in the world, produces its own productions with a predominantly black cast, empowering them and also revealing talents, after all, many of these actors come to be recognized after starring in OWN productions . It is quite common, both films and series, to carry out this type of work, only with black actors and actresses.

Starting on the 28th, we will continue to follow the saga of Grace (Merle Dandridge) to do justice to his late younger sister, Faith and so many other girls who were victims of sexual violence by their own uncle Mac (Gregory Alan Williams). For those who followed the first season, the last episode, besides being emotional, left us with an aura of gigantic mystery and aware that a war was about to start.

click here to read our first season review, no spoilers.
Below, you can watch the trailer for the second season:

Ready? So don't miss the premiere of the second season of Greenleaf: from the day July 28, in the Netflix catalog. Take the opportunity to marathon the first season. You will not regret.

*** Update: The company released this release date, however the second season has not yet entered the catalog. We are trying to verify the reason and will update with this information. ***


    • Ah, too bad, Priscila. We look forward to seeing the plot unfold!
      Thank you for your comment and stay tuned on our social networks.
      Any news about “Greenleaf”, we will report again.

      A hug! 😀

    • We are waiting for any news, Luzinete.
      When the series is good, we are really anxious, right? LOL
      Stay tuned on our social networks, any news about the series, we inform you.

      Thanks for commenting.
      A hug! 😀

  1. Until now, nothing. this is a lack of respect for subscribers. Because they have already given two dates and have not fulfilled.

    • We are together, Alessandra! haha ha
      Around here in the newsroom, we are watching every day.
      Any news, we’ll report on our social networks, okay?

      Thank you for your comment.
      A hug! 😉

  2. I would like to know from Netflix why the season 2 of the series has not yet aired? I've been waiting since July and nothing, please, right, we have to keep what is promised! Waiting for an answer !

    • Hello, Sanantra, how are you?
      At Thunder, we are not responsible for any delay in Netflix programming, we just replicate what circulates in the media and in the entertainment world. All of our news have sources and are properly investigated. What came to us is that the series would be back in the streaming catalog since July, which has not happened. So far, Netflix has not commented on the delay of the second season. Any news, we report on our social networks, ok?

      Thanks for commenting! 😉
      A hug.


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