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SescTV shows the collection Mulheres Negras no Audiovisual in the programming of the June +CURTAS

Short films are available on demand on the channel's website and are part of the project from 13 to 20 (Re)Existence of the Black People, which started on May 13 and runs until November 20, featuring content about black personalities.

SescTV presents the collection Black Women in Audiovisual, in the programming of +SHORTS of the month of June. Curated by Renata Martins, nine films are an excerpt from the recent production of short films made by black women. The works are available on demand at site of the channel.

The selection is part of the series of 13 to 20 (Re)Existence of the Black People, presenting content about black personalities and has animations, social criticism, poetic narratives, passing through the horror, romance and documentary genres.

The action of Sesc São Paulo refers to the 13th of May (Lei Áurea) and the 20th of November (Day of Black Consciousness) and aims to strengthen and recognize the struggles and achievements, manifestations of the black people, as well as the promoting equality, contributing to a society free from racism and other forms of domination.

In the stories, the work and life of characters from different types of daily life are portrayed. sample, with direction Ana Julia Travia, tells the classic love story of a young black couple who live in a city full of whitened memories.

SescTV exibe a coletânea Mulheres Negras no Audiovisual na programação do +CURTAS de junho 1
Movie scene "Meat” | Credit: Disclosure

In Meat, one thriller directed by Mariana Jasper, the narrative explores a couple's relationship expectations. The conversation turns into an argument, until one of them is surprised by a shadowy presence known as Àmân, a creature hungry for human flesh that uses psychological tricks to lure its victims.

Thais Scabio led Paper boat, which talks about a nine-year-old boy, Peninha. The boy's fertile imagination transports him from the difficult life he leads on the city streets to a world of illusion.

Queen tells the story of Rita, who fulfills her dream of becoming the drummer queen of her community's samba school; however, she will have to fight dark forces to follow her destiny. the movie of Sabrina Hidalgo has a poetic vision of dreams and religion.

the duo Jamile Coelho and Cintia Maria directs the animation armored hearts about the sertanejo couple Ana and João and the influence of the drought on their lives. The film talks about search, loss, longing and despair, but also about hope.

Larissa Fulana de Tal is the one who signs ashes, a story adapted from the eponymous short story by writer Davi Nunes. The short shows how a university student from Salvador (BA) lives with the typical difficulties of big cities: crowded buses, police and loneliness.

The plot of Grandma, are you a lesbian?, in Bruna Fonseca and Larissa Lima, was taken from the short story of the same title, written by Natalia Borges Polesso. The narrative follows Joana, a young university student dealing with the process of finding her own sexuality, while recognizing her grandmother and herself.

Mariana Campos and Raquel Beatriz were the directors of Aunt Ciata, documentary short film about Hilária Batista de Almeida, aka Tia Ciata, from the perspective of the visibility of black women in Brazilian society.

SescTV exibe a coletânea Mulheres Negras no Audiovisual na programação do +CURTAS de junho 2
Movie scene "The Woman I Was” | Credit: Disclosure

In the tale of female suffocation The Woman I Was, in Karen Suzane, Cacau is a married woman and, from within her routine, she faces her memories. In a dream context, the memories deal with past moments of oppression.


+Shorts: , on SescTV
Available on demand in the website

Film selection:

sample - 15 minutes

Directed by: Ana Julia Travia| Brazil | 2018 | 10 years

Meat – 11 minutes

Directed by: Mariana Jaspe| Brazil | 2018 | 16 years

paper boatl – 14 minutes

Directed by: Thais Scabio| Brazil | 2018 | Free

Queen - 30 minutes

Directed by: Sabrina Fidalgo| Brazil | 2016 | 12 years

armored hearts - 15 minutes

Directed by: Jamile Coelho and Cintia Maria| Brazil | 2019 | 10 years

ashes - 15 minutes

Directed by: Larissa Fulana de Tal | Brazil | 2015 | Free

Grandma, the lady is a lesbian – 17 minutes

Directed by: Bruna Fonseca and Larissa Lima | Brazil | 2018 | 12 years

Aunt Ciata – 26 minutes

Directed by: Mariana Campos and Raquel Beatriz | Brazil | 2017 | 10 years

The Woman I Was – 11 minutes

Directed by: Karen Suzane | Brazil | 2018 | 12 years


SescTV is Sesc's cultural broadcasting channel in São Paulo, distributed free of charge, whose mission is to expand Sesc's action throughout Brazil. Its programming consists of shows, documentaries, films and interviews. The attractions feature shows recorded live with various expressions of contemporary music and dance. Documentaries on visual arts, theater and society address names, facts and ideas of Brazilian culture in connection with universal themes. Thematic cycles of films and talk shows about literature, cinema and other artistic languages are also present in the program. Discover the collection at site.

To tune into SescTV:

Live and also available on demand on site 

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