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Start Series News Sex Education is the most popular series among Brazilians in 2020

Sex Education is the most popular series among Brazilians in 2020

Survey reveals the ranking of the series most searched by Brazilians on the internet; Sex Education received 1.6 million searches

Accustomed to marathon and attentive to the launch of new seasons and series, now Brazilians are experiencing major adaptations in their routines due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. For those who can, social isolation is indicated in order to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the virus and finding ways of entertainment is an alternative to occupy time. This week, SEMrush conducted a study and ascertained which series were the most searched on the internet in Brazil in 2020, which pointed Sex Education as the series that pumped the most on the web based on data from search engines like Google and Bing, with 1.6 million searches performed between January and February.

Secondly, the most searched series is Anne With An E, available at Netflix, which received 1.3 million searches in the same period. Right behind, Stranger Things completes the podium as the third most popular series among Brazilians in 2020 on the internet and obtained 1.2 million searches for its title, which can also be watched through the streaming.

Fourth, even though its first episode was televised in 2005, Grey's Anatomy conquered 918 thousand searches in the first two months of 2020 on the internet by Brazilians. Then, The Walking Dead - which will have its 10th season shortened due to the coronavirus - received 669 thousand searches.

The streaming platforms were also analyzed by SEMrush and the most searched was Netflix, with 24 million searches. Then, Globo Play, with 8.3 milliones. Amazon Prime Video received 1.3 million and HBO Go, 275 thousand. Lastly, Apple TV + it obtained only 11 thousand searches between January and February.

Below is the complete ranking with the top 10 most searched series in 2020:

• Sex Education - 1.6 million

• Anne With E - 1.3 million

• Stranger Things - 1.2 million

• Grey's Anatomy - 918 thousand

• The Walking Dead - 669 thousand

• La Casa de Papel - 492 thousand

• Outlander - 336 thousand

• Sabrina's Dark World - 255 thousand

• Elite - 245 thousand

• Dark - 245 thousand


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