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Showrunners and producers give tips on teamwork at SDCC21's audiovisual panel

At the 2021 Comic-Con Special Edition, Impact24 PR featured a highly anticipated panel titled Pitches, Pilots, and Beyond: A Look Into the Visual Storytelling Process with showrunners, producers and directors of many beloved projects, including F Is For Family, gives Netflix. Julie and the Phantoms and WWE: Escape The Undertaker; Monsters at Work gives Disney; animal balloon gives First Bloom Films; and the independent animation series Battle of the Bands. The packed fan house was treated to an insightful conversation about how movies and television shows are made through the process of writing the sales pitch for the filming of a pilot episode, as well as building and establishing a story world in linear and linear stories. interactive.

The panel was moderated by the actor and content creator, Chris Villain, and was attended by the showrunner and co-creator Michael Price (F is for Family, The Simpsons), Supervising Director, Director and Writer Stephen Anderson (Monsters at Work), actress and producer Katherine Waddell (Balloon Animal), CEO of Bridge Works Entertainment and Executive Producer George Salinas (Julie and the Phantoms), Director and Executive Producer ben simms (WWE: Escape The Undertaker, Running Wild with Bear Grylls) and the creator and showrunner Allissoon Lockhart (Battle of The Bands).

Panelists started the conversation by discussing the art of collaboration, which is especially important as leaders on their projects. Reflecting on his work as a showrunner on Fis for Family, Michael Price shared: “The most important thing I've learned in my career is that it's important to create a sense of ownership for everyone. We are all together and it is my job to ensure that everyone is recognized for their joint efforts. ”

Steve Anderson continued, elaborating on the importance of balancing direction with trust and delegation. “Often, you can confuse dictating with direction,” Steve shared. “For me, it's important to understand that directing is taking a step back and embracing the ideas of the people you work with. When you have strong collaboration, the final work is always excellent. ” Ben Simms echoed Steve's sentiments. “I strive to lead with inspiration and not fear,” he said. “Collaboration can be easy if you hire people you trust and lead by example.”

Panelists reflected on their goals of creating more inclusive environments in the entertainment industry, both as leaders and allies. Katherine Waddell began by recounting the inspiration behind forming her own production company First Bloom Films. “The content aimed at women is a huge inspiration for me,” she said. “That's why I wanted to create an independent production company focused on women that would strive to put women in front of the camera. Our projects focus on kindness, compassion and empathy and I am excited to continue to create more inclusive projects. ”

George Salinas added to his process the mission of his company, Bridge Works Entertainment, which focuses on discovering and elevating diverse content. “I realized a need for IP, especially as there was a lack of content about Latinx superheroes,” he added. “It's my goal to take this to the mainstream media and give universal exposure to the talented professionals of the Latinx world.”

The panel then transitioned to a series of quick questions, discussing the filmmaker's inspirations, favorite moments of triumph and achievement, and secret Easter eggs in his projects. Allissoon Lockhart discussed his original independent animated series. “For Battle of the Bands, I'm inspired by various musical genres and you can see easter eggs honoring my inspirations like AC / DC, Scott Pilgrim's comic and Lord of the Rings. I even had the chance to bring in some of my favorite bands. just emailing them after discovering them on Spotify. ”

The panel ended with moderator Chris Villain challenging each panelist to give their best advice on how to do this in the industry. Allisson closed the panel with six simple words: "Be yourself, be kind, be creative."

The house full of panellist audience members walked away with important insight into building their own projects, changing trends and opportunities, and more, as they headed off to explore the rest of the Comic-Con Special Edition

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