Thursday, 21, October, 2021

Tuning | Netflix renews the series for the second season

The Netflix used its own festival, the TUDUM Festival, to announce some programming news. In a series panel Tuning, the company announced the renewal for the second season.

The new episodes of Tuning, with the general direction of Konrad Dantas, O Kondzilla, begin to be recorded in the first half of this year, in São Paulo. The premiere is scheduled for 2020. There will be six chapters of 45 minutes each, with production by Gullane in this new phase.

“We exceeded expectations in the first season and made Netflix's most popular Brazilian series of 2019, with the challenge of just following our heart. In the second season, in addition to our love for art, we will also add the energy of all audiences who felt represented by the series and are waiting for something even bigger ”, celebrated Konrad.

After Doni (MC Jottape), Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas) and Nando (Christian Malheiros) fought to conquer their space, they need to climb to the top so as not to return to the starting point. When funk, crime and the Church collide in the day-to-day life of the Quebrada, the friendship between the three will be put to the test. Is it possible to get this far without forgetting where they came from?

The first season of Tuning is available on Netflix.

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