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Skull and Bones: Ubisoft releases trailer for its new pirate game


The Ubisoft announced its new pirate-based game during its conference at E3 2017. Entitled Skull and Bones, the title won two promotional videos, one showing a war between the characters and the other focusing on gameplay.

Check out:

Ad Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Skull and Bones it takes place in the golden age of piracy, when renegade captains commanded the most powerful warships on the planet. The player plays a pirate who refused the King's forgiveness and decided to travel from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean in search of wealth, going through naval battles and facing other pirates on the way. The game will have an open world that reacts to the player's thefts.

Skull and Bones is scheduled for launch in late 2018 for Playstation 4, Xbox one and PRAÇA.





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