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Under Pressure | David Junior and Barbara Reis Join Season 4 Cast

Located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, the great Edith de Magalhães, fictional hospital from the fourth season of Under pressure, which is scheduled to debut on August 12, receives a significant number of patients every day. Service reference in the city, the unit is run by Decius (Bruno Garcia), who named the young man Charles, character of Pablo Sanabio, to head the Emergency, a position already held by Evandro (Julio Andrade) and Carolina (Marjorie Estiano) in past seasons.

Despite the experience he acquired throughout his residency and in recent years as a trained doctor, a period in which he was able to closely monitor the exemplary performance of Evandro, Carolina, Décio and Will see (Dr. Moraes), such a position brings responsibilities that Charles is unable to fulfill. Because of this, whoever assumes the role of head of the Emergency is Dr. Mauro, character played by David Junior not special Covid on duty, which returns in this new batch of episodes.

A recent member of the team, the neurosurgeon says little, but he is not afraid of getting into clashes when he needs to. He is methodical and is always on the lookout to avoid medical errors, a result of the guilt he feels for having made a wrong choice in the past during the surgery of a patient dancer, who was unable to dance. Of humble origins, he was the first in his family to attend college. For David Junior, having a black doctor with conflicts that go beyond skin color is one of the highlights of the season. “It is a great advance in our dramaturgy to open space for us blacks, and mostly peripheral people, to allow ourselves to dream and conquer places that were denied to us for a long time”, assesses David. 

Another new addition to the cast of the fourth season of Under Pressure is Barbara Reis. in the nurse's shoes Livia, who is affected by the drama of her patients, Barbara is all praise. “Lívia is a strong woman, who thinks quickly and doesn't leave anything to be desired”, defines the actress, who does not hide the joy of being able to integrate the project. “It's a great honor to be a part of the series, it's all very different from what I've experienced on a film set, from production, backstage and scene. In addition to being within a work that deals with an issue as current, as necessary and as urgent as the situation of public health in the country”, he reveals. The actress, who is a fan of Sob Pressure and watched the other seasons, also emphasizes the importance of nursing professionals in the daily life of a hospital. “Nurses are just as important as doctors. They are the ones who administer the medications, who are with the patients at any time or when requested. They exchange affection with patients and become really special people for them. It's a profession with a lot of empathy”, he highlights.

A co-production by Globo and Conspiracy, Under Pressure is written by Lucas Paraizo with Martius German, André Sirangelo, Pedro Riguetti and Flavio Araujo, with artistic direction by Waddington Andrucha and direction of Andrucha, Mini Kerti, Rebeca Diniz, Julio Andrade and Peter Waddington. With production of Isabela Bellenzani (TV Globo) and Mariana Vianna (Conspiracy), and gender direction of José Luiz Villamarim, the series is scheduled to premiere on August 12 and airs after Empire.

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