Thunder Wave has vacancies for new employees.

Do you like movies, games, series or comics? Do you like to write and show your point of view to others? Is all we need! We are looking for people to write about the subjects we cover in Thunder Wave (movies, series, games, comics, books and technology), and / or manage a fan page and edit images.

Want to know how it works? See the frequently asked questions below:

  • How much do I get as a collaborator?

Collaborator is not exactly paid. Thunder Wave employees receive income from your posts when they yield advertising, in addition to gaining some advantages such as gifts sent by companies, credentials for major events, games and books for reviews, press booths to watch films and series before the premiere, pre-debut with actors and some more advantages of this type.

In addition, part of the earnings from advertising sales made by the employee goes to him.

  • What are my obligations as an employee?

As I said, we are a team, and a team helps each other constantly. We don't ask for much, just that the person is committed to the site and the other administrators. For this, you need to commit to maintaining a standard of updates, always being on top of the news of your chosen theme and respecting the rules of the site.

  • How does the evaluation process work?

It's simple, just send us a text of your own according to the subject you want to talk about on the site and we will evaluate if it is in the site standards. After that we got in touch and followed up with the registration.

  • Can I write on more than one subject?

Of course! If you want and think you can keep more than one topic without delays or failures, you are more than free to talk about anything you want!

  • Will I have training or follow-up?

Of course! Each site works in a different way and we are here to teach you the Thunder Wave standards and give you all the support you need. We are available around the clock for questions and suggestions from team members, in addition to giving tips and training in the area of journalism. It is a good opportunity to gain experience!

  • How do I apply?

Get in touch through our contact form, or if you prefer by email [email protected].

Interested in being a Thunder Wave collaborator? Get in touch through our contact form, or if you prefer by email [email protected]

Come and be part of our team, we have pie!