Solid Gear, new line of gaming peripherals arrives in Brazil

With the purpose of democratizing peripherals for professional gamers, Solid Gear offers fair price, quality and high performance.


With the objective of entering the Brazilian market and bringing first-generation equipment to the public, Solid Gear comes to the peripheral market with fair price, quality and high performance. The peripherals were designed by the company in its research and development laboratory in the city of Shenzhen (China) and undergo continuous testing and have quality certifications in Europe (EU) and the United States (FCC).

In addition, the company has the seal RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), which guarantees a cleaner production and without products harmful to nature. The equipment is now available for sale at official website.

Solid Gear became a reality through partners Eduardo Sampaio, entrepreneur with 10 years of success in the gamer content creation sector and Rafael Montello, with 20 years of experience in high-tech product development. For Eduardo Sampaio, the creation of Solid and the launch of its products in the Brazilian market will help the gamer audience to have great first quality products at a fair price and that helps to democratize access to first line equipment.

“The idea of creating Solid Gear was born with the purpose of bringing access to high performance equipment to amateur and professional players in every corner of the country. We have products with an unparalleled quality that will be an absolute success. Stay tuned for the news that we will have on this long journey”, concludes Sampaio.

Solid Gear has a team of great professionals within electronic sports, who will help increase the brand's visibility and product recognition in the market, in addition to having a team of professional gamers who are responsible for pointing out and detailing improvements and innovative options that peripherals need to meet the highest performance, thus maintaining excellence for those who are buying Solid Gear products.

The company manufactures each product and markets it directly through its own website, reducing the distribution chain, carrying out the low-cost process and delivering high quality for those who have always dreamed of having first-rate gaming equipment.

For the launch of the brand, mice, mousepads, keyboards and headsets will be launched with variations between products, always maintaining quality and excellence in manufacturing. In the Headsets line, the models are “CARBON” and “TITANIUM”; on “CHROMIUM”, “AERO” and “STEEL PRO” mice; the “ADAMANTIUM” and “DIAMOND” keyboards; and for mousepads, the sizes available are from medium to extra large.

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