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Review: We Are So Young

We are so young arrives with the promise of being the singer's biography Renato Russo, telling the story of his adolescence and the genius of his compositions. In reality, it ended up not being a biography, but a passage through the singer's early career, showing the ideas behind his compositions and his path to reach the peak.

Thiago Mendonça gives life to the musician, representing transformation of Renato Manfredini Junior in myth Renato Russo, revealing how a boy from Brasília, around 1980, at the end of the dictatorship, created songs that were true hymns of the urban youth of the time and that continue to be worshiped generation after generation by a growing legion of fans. Longa gets used to forming the band Electric abortion, which gave rise to two of the most famous bands in Brasilia: Initial Capital and urban Legion.

Tiago Mendonça
Tiago Mendonça as Renato Russo

The characterization, as well as the performance, of Thiago Mendonça is to be congratulated. The actor knew how to portray Renato's personality and without his incredible characterization, much would be lost in the feature. For this, the actor had a great preparation, spent a lot of time taking singing and guitar lessons to interpret the songs live in the film.


The roadmap for Marcos Bernstein is focused on justifying the creation of Renato Russo's most famous songs, it is interesting to know the inspiration for Eduardo Mônica, Geração Coca-Cola and other hymns that are heard until today, but that is just what the public will see in the work. Whoever expects to see more about Renato as a person, will not find much information.

Crítica: Somos Tão Jovens 1
Similarity between the characterization of Thiago Mendonça and Renato Russo.

We are so young serves as a curiosity guide for Renato Russo fans, who want to know more about his beautiful songs. However, it leaves a feeling of little information, showing that there was more to be explored.

See the technical sheet and full list of Somos Tão Jovens


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Thunder Wave note
The feature works as a curiosity guide for the singer's most famous songs, but leaves a feeling that there was more to be explored in the plot.


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