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Sony expands line of Mobile Essentials accessories in Brazil

To further strengthen the Mobile Essentials concept, a line of auxiliary devices that aims to keep the user always connected, Sony has just expanded its portfolio in the country with new accessories focused on durability, convenience, speed of loading and data transfer. The products below are already available on the official website of the brand.

Sony amplia linha de acessórios Mobile Essentials no Brasil 1Wireless charger CP-WP1
In order to offer even more convenience to the consumer in a sophisticated design, Sony brings to Brazil its newest portable induction wireless charger. With it, just support the smartphone on its base to start charging, without the need to connect and disconnect the device or use cables. The size is compact and has a slim design to fit anywhere. It also includes a blue LED light that signals when the device is being charged, a non-slip surface to prevent slipping during use, as well as certification for Qi wireless charging, which allows its operation on the most varied devices (check compatibility).

Sony amplia linha de acessórios Mobile Essentials no Brasil 2CP-CAD car charger
This car charger has a 2.4 type A output, offering high speed charging and up to twice as fast as a conventional device. It has protection for overload current, short circuit and temperature monitoring functions, offering greater safety to the user.

New cable options
The new cable options are perfect for keeping in your purse, in your work drawer or even to accompany your vehicle charger. They have integrated adapters for more than one type of connection, which makes it easy to use on different devices.

Sony amplia linha de acessórios Mobile Essentials no Brasil 3CP-ABCP150 cable
1.5m long, this cable is 2 in 1 and offers compatibility for charging or transferring data from USB Type A and USB Type B (micro USB) devices - the most popular on the market and Type C, a new industry standard that has been gaining more and more space. It is very resistant and durable, being able to withstand more than 10,000 folds and 10,000 connection cycles. It has fast charging with 3.0 A capacity, generating charge up to 6 times faster than a conventional cable.

Sony amplia linha de acessórios Mobile Essentials no Brasil 4CP-ABC150 cable
It also features fast charging with speeds up to 6 times that of a conventional cable and 3.0 A of capacity, in addition to 1.5m in length and high durability. The cable is 2 in 1 and can charge or transfer data from USB Type C and Micro USB devices, such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets.


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